Thunderbirds: Action Alert!

FTL Publications in the USA have that announced the second of their officially licenced Thunderbirds novels, Action Alert! will be released in November 2008. The previous novel, Countdown To Action!, was published in June 2008 and was the first new Thunderbirds novel since the Lady Penelope paperback The Albanian Affair which had been published by Armada in 1967.

Priced at $15.95, Action Alert! is once again written by Joan Marie Verba and features a cover by Thunderbirds The Comic and 2000AD artist Steve Kyte. While the first novel featured the creation of International Rescue by Jeff Tracy, the second concentrates on his eldest son, Scott Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 1.

Under their licence with Granada Ventures, FTL will only be distributing the novels to Canada and the United States Of America, however that hasn’t stopped copies of the previous book making their way across the Atlantic to be sold by Gerry Anderson retailers in the UK or for British fans to order them directly from

More details are available at the FTL website.

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