Thunderbirds: End Of The Road

Redan’s Thunderbirds comic has been cancelled with the current issue 89 being the last. The final issue comes with a free gift of a water pistol. With no repeats of the Thunderbirds series on British terrestrial television screens for some time, interest in the comic has obviously faded below an acceptable sales figure for Redan to continue with it.

The junior comic, with art by Graham Bleathman and Lee Sullivan amongst others, started as a monthly in November 2000 and has been reprinting its own comic strips for a while.

Ironically, the last issue of Fleetway Edition’s Thunderbirds comic back in March 1995 was also number 89.

While we have lost the Thunderbirds comic, Doctor Who Adventures is going from strength to strength with BBC Magazines increasing the frequency of the title from from bi-weekly to weekly as of January.

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