Spider-Man: Agent of SHIELD

The latest issue of Panini UK’s Spectacular Spider-Man, #162, brings Peter Parker’s search for information on his parents to Edinburgh. In Local Hero, writer Ferg Handley and penciller Andie Tong have Spidey swinging through the Edinburgh skyline trying to find a secret AIM base, while being diverted into a fight with Union Jack who is chasing a werewolf.

Since the title is aimed at late primary school age children, they would probably be unaware of the significance of the illustration of a werewolf with an X on her tunic on the cover (you can click here if you would like to know who it is).

Edinburgh based Handley has a few nice touches for the older readers with late running trains and a dig at the tabloids, while Edinburgh residents will get the reference to the AIM base being in a recently closed infirmary.

The issue also includes a two page spread of various UK based Marvel characters including of course Captain Britain and Psylocke, although it would probably be best to draw a veil over what readers in the Republic Of Ireland would think of the title colouring their country in with a Union Jack or labelling the Irish mutant Siryn as part of “The Brit Pack”.

• Update 18 January 2008: Writer Ferg Handley, who is also still busy ” hammering out Commando books” for DC Thomson, tells downthetubes the story will climax in London. “After the European/British stories, it’s back to New York City for run-ins with classic villains (Spider-Slayer, Doc Ock, Electro, Vulture); then a two-part tie-in with Iron Man, followed by a Hulk two-parter (due to the movies that are coming out).”

Liam Michael-Rudden reported on the new issue for the Edinburgh Evening News on 16 January. You can read the article online here.

Spectacular Spider-Man Issue 162 is available at all good newsagents for £1.99 and comes with a free Spidey Target Game.

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  1. Never mind all that! What about the really important bitof the story?

    Spidey gets called a jessie (Google it for Scots slang)in this story. Bet that’s never happened before!

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