“Time Lord Victorious” set added to Doctor Who: Worlds Apart game

Reality Gaming Group has just launched a new Doctor Who: Worlds Apart permanent card set, Time Lord Victorious, featuring two new packs of cards following the Doctors from across the series as they face Daleks and the ancient alien race, the Kotturuh.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart is an officially licensed digital trading card game published by Reality Gaming Group that has been in development since early 2021, combining the richness and variety of Doctor Who lore with a strategic game mechanic for PC and Mac.

The ‘Time Lord Victorious’ set marks the first time that completely new cards have been added permanently to the game, alongside the original cards released as part of the “Unearthly Origins” set in November 2020.

Each of the 50 new cards features hand-drawn artwork, characters, companions and enemies from the Doctor Who universe, classic and new.

The Kotturuh are a new enemy for the Doctor in the Doctor Who – Worlds Apart game
The Science Dalek designed by Dave “Davros” Ladkin for the original Time Lord Victorious transmedia project is part of the new Doctor Who – Worlds Apart set

All Doctor Who: Worlds Apart cards available to purchase use Non-Fungible Token (NFT) technology, which enables players to sell and trade the cards with each other on an open marketplace. Every card in the game is available in 3D frames, which allow players to create custom decks that are truly unique, making every card a collector’s item.

All the cards, artworks, characters and stats are the same between the packs, so you only need the Core Pack to enjoy the new mechanics and gameplay. The Premium Pack, designed with collectors and NFT enthusiasts in mind, features the new ‘Time Lord Victorious’ and ‘Kotturuh’ frames and will only be available for a limited time.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart cards all get minted onto the blockchain when players open packs, and are assigned a unique serial number so every card is one of a kind. Serial #1 cards of popular characters can reach high values among digital collectors on the marketplace and can even be exported to public marketplaces like Opensea, representing true digital ownership.

“This latest set of cards will provide players with new ways to experience the game when the alpha launches later this year,” said Reality Gaming Group’s co-founder Tony Pearce.

“Because every Time Lord Victorious card is an NFT that you own, you can trade and sell your cards directly with other players and Doctor Who fans, building your unique collection of cards and frames just like you would in a physical trading card game.”

Visit the Doctor Who: Worlds Apart website to learn more about the game and join the busy community | Join the game on Discord | Doctor Who: Worlds Apart on Twitter

Time Lord Victorious: Launch Facts

Launch Day: 26th August 2021
Frames: The “Time Lord Victorious Premium Pack” will mint cards between two new frames completely exclusive to this pack.
Packs available: 10,000 “Time Lord Victorious Premium Packs”, Unlimited “Time Lord Victorious Core Packs”.
Cards: 50 brand new cards, the biggest ever set since launch! The cards are exclusively available in the “Time Lord Victorious Core” and “Time Lord Victorious Premium” Packs.

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