Titan Comics Announces English language launch date for “Masked” by Serge Lehmen and Stéphane Créty

Masked #1 - Cover A

Masked #1 – Cover A

Titan Comics has just announced the upcoming launch of Masked – an English language edition of the stunning comic series first published as Masque in French by Delcort, written by author Serge Lehman (The Chimera Brigade, Metropolis) with stunning art by Stéphane Créty (Star Wars).

A thrilling sci-fi action thriller of surveillance and powers, the debut issue of this exciting new series hits stores on 23rd November 2016 and features stunning variant covers from the industry’s top talent including John McCrea (Hulk, Mars AttacksSpider-Man), Steve Kurth (G.I. Joe) and Benjamin Carre (Smoke City).

Serge Lehman is the main pseudonym of the French science fiction writer Pascal Fréjean, who’s won the Prix Rosny-Aîné and the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire for his F.A.U.S.T. novels trilogy. His stories have also appeared in Tales of the Shadowmen, an annual anthology of short stories edited by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier, and he worked on the script of the film Immortel (Ad Vitam) by Enki Bilal.

Sample art from Masked #1

Sample art from Masked #1

Titan has already published his The Chimera Brigade (first published between 2009 and 2010) as graphic albums, regarded by French critics as the French reply to Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which tells how an elite band of super humans, born or “created” during World War One have now taken control of the capital cities of Europe and try to avoid or cause total war. That series won the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire in 2011.

Sample art from Masked #1

Masked (published as Masque in French) is the story of a French superhero, in the tradition of the archetypes of US comics, addressing many contemporary political and psychological concerns along the way. It’s a world that, ultimately, is  not so distant world of ours … exciting and disturbing.

“Braffort is a soldier, accustomed to obey without question ,” says Lehman of the central character of Masked. ” But how will he react when he discovers that he is – perhaps – a pawn in a cynical strategy, the arm of a monster? … When a desire for greatness combines with exceptional powers, how do you avoid the authoritarian drive and injustice?”

Stéphane Créty is one of the most talented contemporary comic artists in France today, who started his career as an illustrator and storyboard career in a cartoon studio. In addition to Masque his work includes Star Wars and, for Delcort, Salem la NoireFléaux d’Enharma and Acriboréa.

The art on this book alone looks amazing, and Chimera Brigade was a gem, so definitely something for the pull list.

WRITER: Serge Lehman
ARTIST: Stéphane Créty

Frank Braffort has returned from war suffering from PTSD, but he is thrown headfirst into a terrifying new reality where phenomena, called Anomalies, appear out of nowhere. Facing this mysterious and lethal enemy, Braffort is called on to go into battle once again for the safety of the city!

Masked #1 hits stores and digital platforms on 23rd November 2016 and is available to order from the upcoming September edition of PREVIEWS Ask your local comic shop to reserve you a copy now (check out our UK comic shops map here)

COVER A – John McCrea (see above). Variant covers also offered….

Masked #1 - Cover B by Benjamin Carré

Masked #1 – Cover B by Benjamin Carré

Masked #1 - Cover C by Steve Kurth

Masked #1 – Cover C by Steve Kurth

Masked #1 Cover D by Stéphane Créty

Masked #1 Cover D by Stéphane Créty

Masked #1 Cover E by Stephan Perger

Masked #1 Cover E by Stephan Perger


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