Torchwood Comic Goes Online

Torchwood: Ma and ParUK TV channel Watch has teamed up with Titan Magazines to offer an exclusive Torchwood online comic.

Drawn by ace comic artist Brian Williamson and written by Oli Smith, the story is set at Pontyvale Golf Club, where the post-Christmas reopening hasn’t gone well thanks to some grisly killings… The site has been closed off, and Torchwood’s Captain Jack, Gwen and Lanto investigate. But they soon come face to face with the cause of the killings – and it’s not pretty!

Available to view exclusively at, the strip was designed to celebrate Alien Invasion week on Watch, which offers viewers a bumper week of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sci Fi movies including Starship Troopers and Terminator 3. The week long alien-inspired extravaganza begins on Saturday 13th February, with the latest Torchwood series, Children of Earth showing every weeknight at 9pm.

Personally introduced each evening by John Barrowman, Children of Earth re-joins Captain Jack & co in one edge-of-the-seat story told over five nights. An ordinary day turns into something terrifying as every single child in the world stops, possessed by an alien force to deliver a message to all the governments of the world… “we are coming.”

Also available to view on are a series of interview clips with Captain Jack himself; John Barrowman. Discussing his thoughts on his most recent appearance in Doctor Who, what makes Torchwood stand out and who he’d love to guest star in the series, these exclusive interviews are the icing on the Watch sci-fi cake.

• Torchwood fans can read this exclusive comic at:

• Where to find Watch: Sky 109 and Virgin TV 124

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