TOXIC Comic Supplement Cover: Sneek Peek!

The TOXIC Comic Supplement we trailed back in February, featuring work from a host of great creators, will go on sale in the UK news stand title on sale 1 April: here’s the cover, courtesy of Egmont, who have also sent us advance copies.

The supplement will feature comic characters old and new in a move to, hopefully, bring more strip material to the bestselling British news stand title.

Eight of the strips are completely brand new and original, with Jamie Smart’s Count von Poo making us laugh out loud here, closely followed by Lew Stringer’s The Clump. (You can’t go wrong with farting monsters). We’re also pleased to report that resurrected WereWilf, who has been given a modern day makeover, is also great fun, especially for the inspired inclusion of Ernie Helsing – milkman descendant, we’re geuessing, of the famous vampire hunter!

In a nod to TV talent shows such as Dancing on Ice, readers will be able to vote for their favourites via a web address that features on the back of the supplement that readers will need to go to in order to vote for their favourite strip. The winner will potentially get a full-time slot in the magazine.

The web page isn’t live yet, but it will be when the issue goes on sale on 1 April. The supplement will come with issue 137 of TOXIC, on sale 1 April for three weeks.

Click here to see the full line up of strips

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