TOXIC Goes Star Trek

The latest issue of Egmont’s TOXIC – out today – comes with free Green Alien Ears and an Outer-space Water Blaster, capitalising on the hype for the new Star Trek film. (We remember Spock having green blood, but not green ears, unless Kirk slapped him on the noggin in a cut scene…)

The magazine, one of the few kids titles on the UK news stand with at least some regular comic strip – in this issue, there’s an all-new Team TOXIC adventure – The Return of Frankendrac – also includes a Star Trek preview, a Richard Hammond Blast Lab experiment, rates the top five dinosaurs in ITV’s Primeval and challenges readers to a Monsters vs Aliens – Which Monster Are You? quiz.

We have heard on the grape vine that along with the arrival of Jamie Smart’s Count von Poo strip, other changes are planned for the comic-magazine: more news when we get it…

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