Trripwire Returns!

Top comics magazine Tripwire returned to comic shop shelves this week with its eagerly-awaited second annual issue, an extravagant 144-page smorgasbord of pop culture content kicked off by an original Doctor Who cover painted by Tommy Lee Edwards.

The magazine is, as usual, packed with informative articles assembeled by Joel Meadows, including exclusive interviews and useful reviews covering some of the best creators in genre fiction and their fantastic works.

Book-ending this amazing thing the Stripwire section returns containing all-new strips from creators like Roger Langridge (Fred The Clown), Jamie McKelvie (Surbuban Glamour, Phonogram) and Declan Shalvey (Frankenstein). From cover to cover, this issue is jammed with quality graphic novel, television and movie material.

One top feature is an exploration of the renaissance of British genre television: the annual includes a comprehensive primer summarising the whole of the Doctor Who series from the debut episode right up to the present-day hit series and an interview with Primeval creator Tim Haines, discussing what it takes to bring dinosaurs into the real world for ITV. There’s also an interview with Life on Mars co-creator Matthew Graham.

But the issue doesn’t stop there. Tripwie includes exclusive discussions with Futurama geniuses Matt Groening, David X Cohen and Bill Morrison, 19 questions with Pushing Daisies helmer Bryan Fuller, a one-on-two chat with Heroes creator Tim Kring and producer-writer Jeph Loeb and, finally, a lengthy conversation with fantasy legend Michael Moorcock discussing everything from his long career to the upcoming Elric movie.

Rounding out the magazine you’ll find extensive looks behind the scenes at Industrial Light and Magic and Pinewood Studios, an exploration of the work of James Bond storyboard artist Martin Asbury, 15 graphic novel reviews for people who don’t read graphic novels, a profile of British anime giant Manga UK, and much, much more.

• Tripwire Annual 2008 is available to order from Diamond Comic Distributors, item # MAY08 4264 or specialist comic and SF shops everywhere.

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