TV21 Dalek Art Up For Sale

Among the many British comics-related lots on offer in the current Comic Book Auction, which ends next week, is a real gem for Doctor Who and artist Ron Turner fans alike — a page of artwork from The Daleks, which ran in 1960s comic TV Century 21.

Not just any page, either – the page up for auction is from Issue 50, Ron Turner’s first Daleks artwork for the comic, in which those other 1960s metal meanies, the Mechanoids, attack the Daleks.

This page has of course been reprinted several times, and the board indicates the changes made for its appearance in either The Amazing World of Doctor Who, published in 1976, or an even later Marvel UK Doctor Who Weekly appearance in 1980.

Comic Book Auctions believe the art will probably sell for between £1,500 and £2000.

Another item sure to catch the eye of collectors is Frank Bellamy’s superb signed front cover of The Daily Mirror Book Of Garth published in 1975.

Other British comic lots in the auction include a number of early Beanos and a near complete Dan Dare Spaceship Builder Construction Set, as well as Frankie Stein art published in Wham issue 157 (shark-surfing..?), and much more, including key pages starring The Galloping Glory Boys, Young Drake, Rupert the Bear, Leo Baxendale’s Clever Dick from an issue of Buster, Kelly’s Eye, The Steel Claw, Robot Archie and The Spider.

• Bids will be accepted until Tuesday 4 March at 8 PM UK time. To go directly to the main page for the catalogue of the London-based auction house, click here

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