Krackling… er cracking, Jack Kirby tribute offered on eBay by Lew Stringer!

Something a bit different is on offer on eBay from ace cartoonist Lew Stringer this week – the original art he drew for Jack Kirby Quarterly, inking over a photostat of Kirby’s pencils. The result is a fun drawing featuring his own hero, Brickman, and Marvel’s Captain America, which has already attracted bids.

Jack Kirby Quarterly - Brickman meets Captain America - 1997. Art by Lew Stringer
Brickman meets Captain America! Art by Lew Stringer

Lew is currently for this art for sale on eBay. The auction runs until Wednesday 22nd February, and is one of a number of original artworks he has for sale, including an episode of one of his first ever professionally published strips, “Captain Wally“. Check them all out here.

“Back in 1997, I was asked to do a page for the Jack Kirby Quarterly, a magazine dedicated to the work of Jack Kirby,” he explains. “I was sent an A3 photocopy of a pencil sketch that Jack Kirby had done in 1982, which showed Captain America and his nemesis the Red Skull. My brief was to ink the image but change the Red Skull into my character Brickman, yet retaining the Kirby style.”

The result was this A3 original artwork, signed by Lew as “After Jack Kirby by Lew Stringer”.

“As I’d mimicked Kirby’s style it was only right to give him a credit. Jack had no involvement in this orginal artwork. I inked over a photocopy of his pencils using a lightbox.”

As well as this original artwork, the photocopy Lew used is also included in the package so you can compare it to his inked version.

Other art Lew has on offer is an episode of “Captain Wally” a strip that ran in Marvel UK’s SPIDER-MAN No. 649 back in 1985 (“Captain Wally” only ran for 20 issues, so it’s bit of a rarity!); and an episode of “Combat Colin” that appeared in Transformers No. 218, in 1989.

For Doctor Who fans, there are extras included with Lew’s offered “Daft Dimension” art revealing some of the Time Lord’s lesser-known relatives, which ran in Doctor Who Magazine 508 in 2017 – the original pen and ink rough of the idea, and a one-off full colour print out of the finished strip.

There are bids on all Lew’s items, so if you want to grab some of this fun stuff, head over to eBay now.

Lew is currently for this art for sale here on eBay. The auction runs until Wednesday 22nd February 2023. Check out all the art and comics Lew has for sale here

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