TV21 “The Munsters” strip art offered at auction

The original art for a one-page “The Munsters” strip drawn by Peter Ford, first published in TV21 and Tornado, is being offered at auction by American auction house Hakes.

The Munsters - TV21 and Tornado cover dated 15th March 1969

The heavy artboard features pen and ink with inkwash original art for the comic that was published in TV21 and Tornado cover dated 15th March 1969. In the strip, exhausted Herman Munster setting up wake-up call which he proceeds to sleep through, and, together with Grandpa Munster, tries to find a way to get up on time.

It’s rare to see art from the long-running “The Munsters” strip offered at auction, and rarer still for it to be offered on an American auction site, with bidding closing 30th June 2021 and currently at $200.

TV21 and Tornado cover dated 15th March 1969

The art features paste-over, hand-lettered dialogue balloons, one of which is missing in second panel. The large top margin has pencil production notations and bottom margin also has notations and the art board comes with a reading copy of the issue this art was produced for.

New Zealand comic artist Peter Ford may not be a name many fans of British comics may recognise today, but for those of us who grew up in the 1960s and early 1970s, his work remains memorable.

His credits included humour strips such as “The Munsters” and “Bewitched” strips for the TV Century 21 and Lady Penelope annuals respectively, later episodes of “Perils of Parker” for Lady Penelope comic (initially drawn by Gerry Embleton), the wonderful “Super Mousse” advertising strip for Countdown, and “Dad’s Army” and “Autocat and Motormouse” for TV Action

He also drew episodes of “Cathy Thompson” for Penelope, the later incarnation of Lady Penelope comic, but I don’t have copies of the relevant issues to know the style he used on those.

Those who remember him recall Peter was a powerful, stocky man, of Maori heritage, who grew up in Poplar, London. In addition to his comics career, he was both a judo and school teacher, the latter work including a placing at Daneford Secondary Modern, based in Gosset Street, East London. He later moved from London to live in Southend-on-Sea with his family.

Sadly, along with his strips for Countdown, his work on the African comic, Orbit, was among his last, as he died suddenly, of a heart attack, on 8th October 1974.

Bid on “The Munsters” art here on Hakes – bidding closes on 30th June 2021

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With thanks to David Roach and Shaqui le Vesconte

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