Two new writers make their Commando debut in latest issues, on sale this week

A fresh set of Commando comics is on offer in newsagents, and digitally, this week – and this set sees the debut of two new writers to the title, alongside some veteran classics, and we have some thoughts on both new tales.

Issues 5527-5530, from DC Thomson Media, are in shops on Thursday 31st March 2022 and available digitally now, offering action-packed thrills all-round in a fabulous foursome.

Commando 5527: Home of Heroes – Thunder
Story: Peter Morrisson | Art: Muller | Cover: Mark Harris
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Commando 5527 - cover by Mark Harris

New writer Peter Morrisson delivers a tense Vietnam story! Deep in enemy territory, what happens in the jungle stays in the jungle — or so says Sergeant Masters, the late Sergeant Smit’s replacement.

As the pressures of the Vietnam War mount upon the American soldiers, inspired by the philosophies of his mentor and pushed on by the death of his brother, only men like Corporal Mike Thunder stand in the way of atrocities on both sides.

Commando 5527: Home of Heroes - Thunder - sample art by Muller

Newcomer Morrison delivers a powerful script, touching on subjects rarely raised in the usual all-action pages of Commando, his story complemented by Muller’s art. If you’re a fan of “Charley’s War”, then this story is as close I’ve read in DC Thomson’s war comic in a good while. Definitely worth your consideration.

Commando 5527: Home of Heroes - Thunder - sample art by Muller

Commando 5528: Gold Collection – The Fugitives
Story: Allan | Art: Kennedy | Cover: Penalva
Originally Commando No. 431 (1969)
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Commando 5528 - Cover by Penalva

They say men go mad in the desert, and when thirteen desperate Nazis take Lieutenant Steve Roland and Brigadier Alan Warren prisoner, Steve finally understands why!

Why the enemy aren’t shipping them off to HQ is a mystery, but coping with Warren is almost as difficult as escaping the enemy, as Steve fights to save them both in the desert wastes, in this

Commando 5529: Action and Adventure – Underground!
Story: Stephen Hume | Art: De Feo | Cover: Neil Roberts
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Commando 5529 - Cover by Neil Roberts

After the accident at the mines, Charlie Newlands was never the same. Eager to support his bereaved family he enlists in 1914, hoping to put the past behind him.

But Charlie must face his worst nightmares as he battles it out with his former boss on the front lines, in the one place he never wanted to find himself again… Underground, in a story from Stephen Hume, making an action-packed debut as a writer for Commando.

Stephen Hume’s script is more traditional fare as a Commando tale, cracking along at pace; a brave but troubled soldier plagued by self doubt and a bullying but cowardly commanding officer. De Feo, however, pulls no punches when it comes to delivering on a script set on the Western Front. While scenes set in sapper tunnels don’t always convey the claustrophobic setting of real sapper operations during World War One, he definitely delivers in scenes above ground, his loose style conveying some of nature trench warfare in style.

Commando 5529: Art by De Feo

Commando 5530: Silver Collection – Follow the Leader!
Story: Motton | Art: Gordon C Livingstone | Cover: Philpott
Originally Commando No. 1773 (1984)
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Commando 5530 - Cover by Philpott

One false move and anything can happen in a battle — you could even wake up to find yourself a hero — and that’s exactly what happened to Jeff Parker on D-Day!

The only man to have seen action anywhere near the beaches, Jeff inspires his green unit as they take on the Nazis and find true heroes in themselves.

This amusing story of misunderstandings from Motton is beautifully complimented by interiors from well-loved Commando artist, Gordon C. Livingstone, with a painterly cover from Philpott.

Commando Comics is online at | DC Thomson – Subscriptions | Facebook| Twitter | Commando Comics on AmazonUK

Issues 5527 – 5530 – Full Cover Gallery

Commando Comics is online at | DC Thomson – Subscriptions | Facebook| Twitter | Commando Comics on AmazonUK

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  1. So who is the Kennedy on issue 5528? As it certainly isn’t Ian.

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