UK indie comics distributor Smallzone launches Print on Demand service

British independent comics distributor Smallzone – also the team behind Scar Comics – has just announced a UK-based Print on Demand service for all UK comic publishers.

The service, arranged in partnership with BookVault, enables publishers to print books and sell them without a huge outlay and the Smallzone service has been deliberately tailored to comics publishers.

“Now – finally – there is a true POD option for UK publishers,” enthuses Smallzone’s Shane Chebsey, “which means no more expensive shipping from the US and no more having to spend a fortune in big runs of comics just to get a reasonable price per copy.

“We’re very excited about this as we think it will enable small publishers to have more choice in their printing options and publish comics and graphic novels without having to break the bank.

“It also means that small publishers will no long be restricted to black and white interior art. Colour printing is now affordable on lower runs.”

Smallzone can also intergrate the retail service with the printing service so publishers don’t  have to worry about finding storage space for their print run.

“We can print and sell the books for you and you just sit back and enjoy the royalties,” says Shane. (The combined service is only open to publishers who qualify for a smallzone listing).

• For more information and to view prices go to:

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