Veteran Countdown artist Gerry Haylock featured in latest Andersonic

Issue 16 of the excellent Gerry Anderson-inspired zine Andersonic, with cover art by Rob Caswell, is now available via their website (and eBay for a short period in the Collectibles > SF > Thunderbirds section).

The team have pulled off something of a coup in tracking down 85-year-old comics artist Gerry Haylock, perhaps best known to downthetubes readers for his stunning work on the Doctor Who and UFO strips for the short-lived but well regarded 1970s comic, Countdown.

While the editors make it clear the rare interview is short, Gerry talks about his work and techniques he used on the comic strips, which also included Land of the Giants for Joe 90: Top Secret and a few Protectors covers for TV Action.

“I seemed to have been on nondescript strip work for years when Land of the Giants woke me up a bit,” he recalls.

While his work on UFO is fondly remembered, he says he found working in the strip “heavy going.

“I don't think I I was doing too well with the likenesses when to my great relief Doctor Who turned up.”

The issue also features an interview with Tony Stacey, APF and Century 21's Chief Projectionist from Stingray up to UFO. Tony talks about his time at the studio and his escapades with actor Stanley Unwin, alligators, James Bond, Superswish curtain track and filming with John Read.


• A look at the Space:1999 episode “The Exiles”, examining the shooting script of this early Year 2 episode with comparisons to the finished episode. Find out what happened when Koenig decided to open fire on a guest and what links Space:1999 and rock group Hawkwind.

• Let's Get Metaphysical – Amidst all the rumours of remakes and reboots, Robert E Wood takes a look at the heart and soul of Space:1999 and addresses that old chestnut of scientific plausibility.

UFO – “Conflict” – taking a look at an underrated UFO episode and finding there's more to it than a load of space junk.

Space:1999 “War Games” – Mark Braxton looks at this well-regarded episode and finds a lot of Hawks but a total lack of Doves.

• Strip Story – a look at an individual comic strip story to see what makes it tick. This issue – Countdown's epic Thunderbirds strip 'UN Rescue Ltd''.

Plus the latest news on Joe 90's nightmare mission undertaken with the brain pattern of the world's biggest Century 21 fan.

Andersonic issue comprises 44 pages with colour inner and outer covers (and better quality paper!). If you'd prefer to pay by cheque or PO, get in touch via the web site for a postal address. Back issues are also in print. More detais:

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