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As we previously reported, Egmont UK will be publishing a ‘classic collection’ of strips from the ground-breaking girls comic, Misty, in December, distributed exclusively through WH Smiths. It will be the last of four collections of classic comic strips planned for the year.

As yet, content has not been decided, but you may have the chance to influence what goes into the reprint special. The official Misty Comic web site has just launched its poll of stories for inclusion in the Collection.

You can vote for as many stories as many times as you wish to try and get your favourites in the publication.

First published in February 1978, this mystery comic for girls ran until 1980 for 101 issues before being merged with Tammy. Ongoing strips included Moonchild, written by Pat Mills and others such as the rite of passage Cult of the Cat and more, but the comic featured many a one off story, making it a much more “Collection Friendly” proposition than Roy of the Rovers, on sale now seems to have been. (Quite why Egmont chose to select stories for this from the ongoing comic, rather than one-offs from the many holiday specials or annuals published down the years is a mystery in itself – as such, it’s proven a bit of a disappointment).

Egmont’s Classic Misty Collection should not be confused with the Special featuring new strips inspired by the title, which is still in preparation but includes strips by SMS and many others.

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