Vyper: Crimson Dawn speeds into action, a British indie comic for fans of 1980’s action movies!

Independent comic creator Dan Butcher has just launched Vyper: Crimson Dawn, his latest, action-packed story featuring kinetic car combat, and kickass action that should appeal to any fan of 1980s action movies.

In this nerve-jangling adventure, Sloane and the Vyper team face an apocalyptic terror as twin rogue Soviet soldiers plan to unleash terror on US soil, all with the help of an unwilling Cold War scientist.

Threatening the life of the scientist’s estranged daughter, this commie confederation race to unravel the mystery of her identity in order to force him to do their bidding.

After a chance encounter, the Vyper team are forced to go undercover at a beauty contest to save the daughter and prevent a deadly attack in the heart of Los Angeles!

Can Sloane Viperini face the threat of double jeopardy head on? Find out in what happens in… Vyper: Crimson Dawn!

“If you like old school action films and TV series like Airwolf, Street Hawk, Knight Rider, Commando, Lethal Weapon… basically, any movie put out by the Cannon Film Group – or videogames like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, or Need for Speed, then you’re going to love this comic,” Dan enthuses.

Vyper: Crimson Dawn retails for £8 physical and £3 digital To purchase both physical and digital editions of this comic (and others), head to deezeepublishing.bigcartel.com

Follow Dan Butcher on Twitter: @VanguardComic | Web: www.VanguardComic.com

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