Wallace Wood omitted from Netflix Daredevil credits, estate and US creators protest

An early promotion for Daredevil cheerfully promotes not only the character but artist Wally Wood's  involvement in the book. Image: Marvel

An early promotion for Daredevil cheerfully promotes not only the character but artist Wally Wood’s involvement in the book. Image: Marvel


Over on Bleeding Cool, an article about the brilliant US artist Wallace “Wally” Wood and his integral part in the creation of the Marvel superhero character Daredevil appears to have been mined from posts on the Wallace Wood Estate Facebook Page.

The estate, run by J. David Spurlock, also the author of Wally’s World, is asking that digital broadcaster Netflix include Wally in their acknowledgments as another of the original creators of Daredevil, citing for example the artist’s creation of the hero’s red suit and other accoutrements.

Daredevil #8, featuring the first appearance of longtime villain Stilt Man. Image: Marvel

Daredevil #8, featuring the first appearance of longtime villain Stilt Man. Image: Marvel

As far as we can tell, the matter is at this stage a simple request and not a campaign that’s going to turn into a law suit.

(Wood, who died in 1981 at the age of 54, left his money to his wife, Tatjana, but bequeathed all royalty rights from his artwork to a friend, John Robinson, who subsequently signed over the royalties to Spurlock in 2012, according to court documents filed in 2014 in pursuit of the recovery of art works).

“Wood created the red Daredevil character design, the interlocking double-D logo (which inspired the nickname “DD”), developed the visualization of the Radar Sense, created the grappling-hook cane/Billy-club cable, technological enhancements to DD’s senses, themes used through the Frank Miller run, and beyond,” the estate argues. “[Stan] Lee and [Bill] Everett are acknowledged at the opening of the Netflix-Marvel series and many more comic-book talents are thanked in the ‪‎Netflix‬ Daredevil show – but not “Kid Daredevil Himself, Wally Wood” as Marvel sometimes called him!

“To people familiar with Wood’s contributions, the slight is Unacceptable”.

The campaign to gain Wally a credit is being backed by numerous comic creators including Howard Chaykin, Gerry Conway, Mark Waid and Mark Evanier.

Wally Wood’s contribution to the enduring appeal of Daredevil is not in doubt as far as I or the far better informed US comic creators cited by the estate are concerned and as a Daredevil fan I’m happy to add my voice to those requesting Netflix acknowledge Wood’s role in the character’s success.

If you think Wally Wood should get a credit on the Daredevil show which has drawn critical acclaim on both side of the Atlantic, you could politely ask Netflix to do this via their Facebook Daredevil series page or on the Netflix Facebook page; or on their US Twitter page @netflix or UK Twitter page @netflixuk

Let me emphasise: be polite! – and do read the articles above for more information. The Netflix Daredevil is a great re-telling of the character, but it would be nice if Wood was acknowledged.

Here’s how I asked on Twitter.

• You can read all the comments supporting a credit for Wally Wood on the Daredevil show here on Facebook. The Bleeding Cool article distilling the page and citing an ‘open letter’ to Netflix and Marvel is here

•  UPDATE: It’s been suggested that while Netflix distribute the show, this campaign should also be extended to ask the show’s production companies to make the change. They are ABC Studios (Twitter: @abcnetwork), DeKnight Productions (but Steven DeKnight himself isn’t working on Season Two), Goddard Textiles (but Drew Goddard’s official site is not working), Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney


Wallace Wood: Give Him His Due

Image: The Wallace Wood Estate


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