WAR anthology comic from Ukraine raising funds for embattled creators and country’s war effort

A Comic Book Patreon from Ukrainian publishing house The Will has pivoted to support Ukrainian comic artists and the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces Army, James Bacon reports.

WAR is an anthology comic on Patreon, the site which offers access to creators’ work through subscription support, depicting stories related to the current existential events that are taking place in Ukraine.

Stories – some fictional, some based on events since the Russian invasion, are being created in multiple languages, including English.

Draft Cover for WAR by Nazar Ponik

The Will production team are bringing together a number of Ukranian comic creatives including Kateryna Kosheleva, Igor Kurilin, Nazar Ponik, Maxim Bogdanovsky and Alexander Koreškov, who have already started work on a comic book compilation of short stories in various genres about the War in Ukraine.

Igor Kurilin is working on a story depicting the action at Snake Island on the Black Sea, where the Ukrainian detachment of border guards was fired upon from a Russian warship. 13 border guards were considered dead, but I t is now known that they are in captivity

As you can imagine, this is quite an undertaking at this tumultuous time, as Ukraine is a country actively under attack and under invasion, some artists creating stories while under fire.

All the artists are waiving their fees, The Will using Patreon subscription funds to buy supplies for the territorial defence forces Army.

One intriguing story, by Kateryna Kosheleva‘s is a fantasy set in the area of Ukraine known as KONOTOP, where many witches have lived since ancient times and the images speak for themselves…

Art by Kateryna Kosheleva
Art by Kateryna Kosheleva
Art by Kateryna Kosheleva

The Will” is a publishing house creating a variety of titles, including the eponymous Ukrainian alternative history fantasy steampunk comic, portraying events during the challenging years of 1917-1920, presenting a struggle for truth and freedom.

The Prince’s Will is a different series featuring anthropomorphic hamsters.

In addition to the WAR anthology on Patreon, The Will are offering licences for their various series, in an effort to see their stories reach a wider, global audience, beyond their own war torn country.

Check out the WAR anthology from The Will here on Patreon

Check out The Will and their titles here in English on their official web site

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