War at Sea! New Commando digital release launches today

Commando Presents… War At Sea Volume One: Spitfires of the Sea — available digitally on Kindle and comiXology from today, Wednesday 1st March.

Commando Presents… War At Sea Volume One: Spitfires of the Sea

For this anthology, the team behind the new digital title at DC Thomson sailed over the oceans of comics to bring you some of the best nautical Commandos on the seven seas. This volume is dedicated to Motor Torpedo Boats, the little but vital ships of the Royal Navy during World War Two.  

Fast, sleek, agile, Motor Torpedo Boats were able to race into battle guns blazing, taking on the enemy with their torpedoes, deck guns, and sheer speed! These were called the little ships of the Senior Service, and their crews were renowned for their bravery and grit in the face of the enemy. 

This special edition collects four of the best Commando comics featuring the Royal Navy’s “Spitfires of the Sea” during World War Two, in stunning black and white art. Assembling classic Commandos No. 1080 ‘Full Speed East’, No. 1517 ‘Rescue!’, No. 1758 ‘Find Them, Sink Them!’, and No. 5195 ‘Spitfires of the Sea’, this volume is perfect for fans of British comics.

Also included in this digital edition is a cover gallery, featuring the original artwork for each issue.

Look out for new Commando Presents… and Heritage Comics digital releases in the coming months.

Look out for new Heritage Comics and Commando Presents digital releases on the final Wednesday of every month – check out the Commando Presents Series Page on AmazonUK


Full Speed East (Commando No. 1080)
Story: McLean
Art: Fleming
Cover: Ian Kennedy

Rescue! (Commando No. 1517)
Story: Staff
Art: Salmeron
Cover: John Ridgway

Find Them, Sink Them! (Commando No. 1758)
Story: RA Montague
Art: Denis McLoughlin
Cover: Jeff Bevan

Spitfires of the Sea (Commando No. 5195)
Story: Iain McLaughlin
Art: Morhain and DeFeo
Cover: Janek Matysiak

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