War wizards and a recalcitrant mule! New Commando comics out this Thursday

Commando goes all out with its latest set of four rip-roaring adventure stories – and introduces another new artist, Luis Hernandez, to its ranks.

From birthdays to remember in the Falklands to magical kidnappings, vintage valour, and classic tales of camaraderie, get your copies from your newsagent from Thursday 6th July… 

Commando 5659: Home of Heroes: Birthday Bash
Story: Dominic Teague | Art: Vicente Alcazar | Cover: Neil Roberts 

Commando 5659: Home of Heroes: Birthday Bash - cover by Neil Roberts

During the Falklands War, when the lighthouse at Gideon’s Point went dark, British Marines led by Sergeant Steve Dennison were sent in to shed light on the situation. They soon found the area crawling with Argentine soldiers but before they could engage them, the Argentinians vanished out of sight. Where could a whole platoon disappear to?

Headstrong Marine Brian Imrie took it upon himself to get to the bottom of the mystery and tore off on his own. But he was going to find out that his twenty-first birthday was going to go off with a bang!

A tense tale from Dominic Teague taking place in one location over one night — the ticking timebomb ups the stakes to eleven in this one!

Commando 5660: Gold Collection – Medal for a Mule
Story: Spence | Art: Victor Fuente | Cover: Ian Kennedy 
Originally Commando No. 486 (1970)

Commando 5660: Gold Collection – Medal for a Mule - cover by Ian Kennedy

Equus asinus — that’s the proper Latin name for the weirdest weapon used by the Allies in World War Two. It sounds unusual, but in fact it’s only the name for a common pack-mule. And the story of how one particular mule, a Commando squad, and a hotch-potch of assorted Greeks went into battle against the deadly Nazi war machine makes mighty exciting reading.

One of Commando comics beloved animal-based stories, this classic comic adds to the tradition bringing plenty of heart with it.

Commando 5661: Action and Adventure – The Amazing Armand
Story: Brent Towns | Art: Luis Hernandez | Cover: Neil Roberts 

Commando 5661: Action and Adventure – The Amazing Armand - cover by Neil Roberts

Abracadabra! Alakazam! Voila! During the war, the Amazing Armand was a two-bit magician performing on Civvy Street. Sure, he could pull a rabbit from a hat or tell you what playing card was behind your ear but the last place you’d expect a conjurer of cheap illusions was on a mission with British Commandos!

For The Amazing Armand’s next trick, he would have to perform a disappearing act on a high-ranking German officer! Only he’d have to go into Nazi‑occupied France to magic this Nazi away — and that was the last place he wanted to be!

Brent Towns’ story gives plenty for newcomer to Commando, Luis Hernandez, to sink his artistic teeth into, while also inspiring a tour-de-force cover from Neil Roberts. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about Luis in the near future…

Neil Roberts cover rough for Commando 5661
Neil Roberts cover rough for Commando 5661

Commando 5662: Silver Collection – Flying Lifeboat
Story: RA Montague | Art: Jose Maria Jorge | Cover: Cox 
Originally Commando No. 1449 (1980)

Commando 5662: Silver Collection - Flying Lifeboat - cover by Cox

Most men of the RAF Coastal Command were brave and determined, totally dedicated to their job of saving countless ditched aircrews. But Australian navigator Red Dooley thought otherwise — he’d been posted from Bomber Command and he reckoned he was wasting his time and missing out on the real action.
   But Red was about to realise that his job was as important as any other… he’d soon discover that dropping airborne lifeboats to stranded airmen was doing as much to win the war as dropping bombs.

A classic Commando reprinted for the first time since 1980, this story speaks to the comic’s core values of duty and brothers in arms. 

• You can read the 2010 downthetubes tribute to Josè Maria Jorge here

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