Warren Ellis film makers plan Image Comics documentary

The Darkness #100

Publishers Sequart and Respect Films, makers of films about comic creators such as Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis, have launched Kickstarter campaign to help fund their next documentary project charting the history of Image Comics.

Image was originally founded in 1992 by seven artists who left Marvel Comics to create their own company: Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, Whilce Portacio, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino. Of those seven founders, only six opted to become full partners: Larsen, Lee, Liefeld, McFarlane, Silvestri, and Valentino. (Today, there are currently five: Robert Kirkman, Larsen, McFarlane, Silvestri and Valentino).

Since its inception, Image has gone on to publish work by several British creators, including Richard Starkings, creator of Elephantmen, as well as publishing a huge number of highly successful titles, including Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade and The Darkness, now in its 100th issue.

Comics in Focus: The Image Revolution will examine one of the most important and daring moves in modern US comic book history as Image continues to influence mainstream comics and culture to this day.

“Image Comics began as more than just a publisher,” say Sequart. “It was a response to years of creator mistreatment, and it changed comics forever.”

The Image Revolution will tell the amazing story of this from-scratch company, from its founders’ work at Marvel, through Image’s early days, the ups and downs of the 1990s, and the publisher’s new generation of creator-owned properties like The Walking Dead (drawn by Britain’s Charlie Adlard).

“We will tell this story through new interviews with the people who made it happen. And what better time than during Image’s 20th anniversary to do it?”

The film will be produced by the same Sequart / Respect team behind the critically-acclaimed documentaries Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods (now available on DVD) and Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts (out on DVD in mid March).

This will be the second (after Comics in Focus: Chris Claremont’s X-Men) in a new series of documentaries offering in-depth looks at significant works and moments that shaped comics history. These documentaries will be released through direct download and online DVD sales.

The producers have have turned to Kickstarter to help fund this project, hoping fans will support discussion about the merits of comics and to help document stories about the people who have had a part in shaping contemporary pop culture.

Rewards include the documentary as a DVD and / or digital download, a “Thanks” and other credits in the film, and digital access to extra interview footage that won’t be included in the film. Rewards also include books and feature-length films from Sequart’s catalogue.

Sequart promotes research into comics-related topics, publishing books, producing documentary films, and maintaining online resources that encourage comics scholarship. They also seek to promote comics literacy by promoting the medium and encouraging others to experience the unique artform known as comic books.

– For more information, visit the project’s Kickstarter page or its page on Sequart


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