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Image: SenshiStock

Image: SenshiStock

SenshiStock – a Creative Commons pose reference resource for artists – is a deviantART account full of non nude pictures of people. Published as a drawing and art creation resource, this is a great free resource for creating comics.

The photos focus on models who are wearing form fitting, lightly colored clothing so an artist can see the pose clearly without nudity. This also allows all ages of artist access to the stock.

“They can be used for anatomy help, pose reference, help with drawing perspective, and much more,” says Sarah ‘Sakky’ Forde, who runs SenshiStock and is the main model. She began making stock for her own pose reference material for her work as an artist and illustrator.

Image: SenshiStock

Image: SenshiStock

All of the images have a CC BY 3.0 license, and the main thing the team want is they deservedly want credit for image use, although supporting them on Patreon wouldn’t hurt either. You can share and distribute the stock as long as you give credit and link to the DeviantArt account. (Check out the Rules for all the details).

If you have a pose suggestion or you’re looking for a specific poses, check out the Really Long Guide for help with which folders might be best for you.

A gallery search (the white search bar at the top of the Gallery tab) before asking is advisable though, as you may find your pose already covered.

This is a really nifty resource that’s clearly taken a lot of hard work and dedication to put together. Check it out and let the team know you’ve used their work.

SenshiStock is on DeviantArt here | Please Read the Rules before using this stock | Official site (where you can buy stock packs and the Senshistock to Go book) www.senshistock.com | See the FAQ for more info, too

• Like SenshiStock on Facebook | Follow SenshiStock on Twitter: @SenshiStock and @sailorastera | tumblr

• You can view some of Sarah’s artwork on deviantART

• Try the SenshiStock Sketch web app every day for timed, rotating drawing practice

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