Wilson’s Star Wars Project Revealed

We’ve previously mentioned in passing 2000AD artist Colin Wilson‘s upcoming Star Wars project for US publisher Dark Horse, but now details about Star Wars: Invasion, which launches online in May, have been officially announced.
The series, set 25 years after the Battle of Yavin (when the first Death Star was destroyed, as seen in the original Star Wars film), kicks off in print on 1 July from Dark Horse.

The series features an older Luke Skywalker and other long established characters.

Although Tom [Taylor]and I have been working together on a variety of projects over the last couple of years, this is the biggie, and we are both giving this new series our best shot,” says Colin via his blog. “Invasion introduces the readers to the Galfridian family, and the peace-loving planet of Artoria. Unfortunately the Yuuzhan Vong are about to arrive…”

The Vong are a real challenge,” Colin told Comic Book Resources, “because so little is known about them. But early on I realized that this was also a huge advantage, as well.

“Once I got a good visual handle on these guys, I could pretty much do what I want with them, at least visually. The important thing I’d like to retain about the Vong is their aura of mystery. With these guys, anything can happen, and usually does. Big, bad, threatening… what else does a comic artist need?”

• For more details on the Invasion project, check out the Comic Book Resources New York Comic Con coverage here, and online interviews on CBR with Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson.

Star Wars: Invasion launches on www.starwars.com in May with an eight-page preview web-only issue, followed by a second eight-page preview web-only issue in June.

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