Winged Weirdness creeps into latest Eco Kids Planet magazine as birds take over!

A court of crows, as featured in a page from the Arabic version of Kalila wa dimna, dated 1210 CE
A court of crows, as featured in a page from the Arabic version of Kalila wa dimna, dated 1210 CE

Crow courts and magpie parliaments are two things featured in an item by JD Savage in the “Winged Weirdness” folklore and legends section of the new Eco Kids Planet magazine – alongside giant rocs and phoenixes… oh, and a rocket-riding Amelia the Fox from Richy K. Chandler!

JD Savage reveals he once witnessed what seemed to be a “crow court”, while covertly peering over a hedge in the countryside at a field packed with crows.

“They seemed to be having a serious meeting, addressing issues and discussing matters (territory, maybe?).

“But my non-folklore features are hardly less weird. The young readers will learn which bird mostly eats bones, which one knows 2000 songs – and which take 30 mini-breaths per second to sing, why kingfishers’ blue wings aren’t actually blue at all, which birds feed on live whales, and further feathery facts.”

“Amelia the Fox” comic strip by Richy K. Chandler
“Amelia the Fox” comic strip by Richy K. Chandler

The Eco Kids Planet Brilliant Birds summer double issue is on sale now – available by subscription or single issue from the official web site only – and includes a double page “Amelia the Fox” comic strip by Richy K. Chandler.

Meet the world’s fastest flyer, the peregrine falcon. Discover fantastic flightless birds with awesome ratite adaptations. Look at some EGG-straordinary birds’ eggs, and unveil a cunning trick of the cuckoo… along with finding out just how weird some birds can be!

This summer edition is packed with fun activities and quizzes. Take the ‘Which Bird Are You?’ test to find out which bird you’re most like. Plus, create your own great horned owl mask and conduct a bouncy egg experiment.

Eco Kids Planet Magazine - August 2020

A series of colourful and informative kids’ nature magazines at children aged 7-11, the subscription-based Eco Kids Planet aims to introduce children to the wonders of nature, and encourage them to protect their planet.

JD Savage has been writing for kids for a while now, writing for TV, magazines, web sites, and for lots of famous characters. Past projects include co-creating, editing and writing Popcorn, the world’s first – and only – movie website for kids, and co-writing Ripley and Scuff, a BAFTA-winning children’s TV series (with a very catchy theme tune), both for ITV.

Writer, illustrator and comic creator Richy K. Chandler whose credits include not only Amelia the Fox but Lucy the Octopus and What the Hell Just Happened?!, has had books published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and Singing Dragon. Comic and illustration clients also include HarperCollins Publishers and Titan Comics. He also runs creative workshops for kids.

Eco Kids Planet is available in from the magazine’s official web site for subscription information or buy a single issue

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