Wonder Woman #3: Creator Secrets!

Wonder Woman #3 - Cover by Liam Sharp
Wonder Woman #3 is out today in comic shops from DC Comics, written by Greg Rucka, drawn by Liam Sharp and coloured by Laura Martin.

Liam posted the first five unlettered  pages from the issue online, showcasing Laura Martin’s glorious colour work, and included some “behind the scenes” snippets on their creation he’s very kindly given downthetubes permission to feature…

In “The Lies” Chapter Two, Wonder Woman must team up with one of her greatest enemies to solve a growing mystery about Themyscira….

Wonder Woman #3 Page 1 Unlettered

Wonder Woman #3 Page 2 Unlettered

“Getting to draw Cheetah in full motion in panel two here was something I really enjoyed,” says Liam “… bringing the animal aspect really to the fore. All power and speed!”

Wonder Woman #3 Page 3 Unlettered

Wonder Woman #3 Page 4 Unlettered

For this page, says Liam, “I was able to return to ‘Rage Cam’, which we established in Issue One, for when Cheetah is loosing it. This is something I love about her, as it enriches her character – how she can turn on a dime, One second calm, the next a ferocious and remorseless killer…”

Wonder Woman #3 Page 5 Unlettered

“Only Diana can calm the fire in Cheetah,” Liam notes. “This page Greg Rucka described as ‘Poetry’, which was hugely flattering. It’s certainly a tender and touching moment. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen a scene between these two quite like this before…”

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