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Commando 5271 - 5274 MontageBrand new issues of DC Thomson Media’s Commando (Issues 5271 – 5274) are on sale tomorrow, Thursday 17th October in all good newsagents and via digital platforms — out soon! This batch see the debut of Tom Foster as a new cover artist and the return of New York Times best-selling author James Swallow with a World War Two set thriller involving a Nazi Wellington bomber, a propaganda hero – and a cursed Cornishman!

Commando 5271: Home of Heroes - Faceless HeroesCommando 5271: Home of Heroes – Faceless Heroes
Story: Iain McLaughlin Art: Paulo Ongaro Cover: Tom Foster

Commando is pleased to introduce its newest cover artist, Tom Foster. His first Commando cover, “Faceless Heroes”, tackles eco-terrorists who are holding world leaders hostage in a country estate. But the skull-faced terrorists aren’t going to have it that simple, as an elite masked team are on hand to take the bad guys down for good. Although officially, the mysterious masked team were never there – and credit would never be given to the so-called Faceless Heroes.

Commando 5272: Gold Collection - Ten Days to LiveCommando 5272: Gold Collection – Ten Days to Live
Story: Eric Hebden Art: Ibanez Cover: Picco
Originally Commando No. 760 (1973).

Corporal Roy Pengarth is cursed! Marked by an evil, old crone and doomed to die before he turned twenty-one years old, Rod was convinced there were only ten days left until he kicked the bucket. But a lot can happen in ten days, especially when you’re embroiled in a Eric Hebden plot, with everything from the Long Range Desert Group to REME lorries, and rogue Valentine tanks to a house falling on Rod’s head! How much longer could Rod dodge the curse?

Commando 5273: Action and Adventure - J for JudasCommando 5273: Action and Adventure – J for Judas
Story: James Swallow Art: Jaume Forns Cover: Ian Kennedy

New York Times / Sunday Times bestselling author, James Swallow returns for his second-ever Commando, this time taking to the skies in a Vickers Wellington bomber. But when the crew of J-for-Judy was captured and interred in a POW, the Nazi Luftwaffe pilot Hauptmann Hasse formulates a plan to turn Judy into a Judas. And he’s going to get the RAF crew of Judy to help him destroy a British airbase!

Commando 5274: Silver Collection: Hero of the ReichCommando 5274: Silver Collection: Hero of the Reich
Story: John Paterson Art: Gordon C Livingstone Cover: Dalger
Originally Commando No. 2841 (1995)

A propaganda hero goes to war! Werner Kohl had fought on battlefields, fighting Americans, Russians, British – you name it. Only these battles weren’t real, and the actor was kept out of the real war by top Nazi officials, intent on keeping their beloved Reich superhero alive to boost Germany’s morale.

That was until Kohl could take it no more, and he enlisted whether the spin doctors liked it or not! But only time would tell if Kohl could face a real battle and not a scripted one!


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