Diamondsteel Comics seeks new artists


Diamondsteel Comics, publishers of Scottish superhero comic Saltire, are looking for new artists for short stories, futuristic stories and children’s stories.

“Diamondsteel Comics is always interested in adding the right artist to our group of talented illustrators,” they tell us. “We expect applicants to have a well developed and unique style, a passion for their craft, a desire to work hard and some experience of comic book illustration. Experience preferable but not essential.

The company are looking for a sample page of art based on a Saltire script which will be supplied on request. They are not accepting writers submissions or submissions for new scripts at this moment. All submissions are for the Saltire series only.

Diamondsteel recently released Saltire – Invasion, a full colour graphic novel by John Ferguson with art by Gary Welsh and Tone Julskjaer. The story opens as ancient Scotland comes under attack from the might of all-conquering Rome, and its legendary guardians must stand as one or kneel before an oppressive empire. As the sun rises, the immortal protector awakens to face the ultimate battle for freedom…

“There has never been  a super-hero book that puts a Scottish protagonist front and centre in quite the way that Saltire does, embracing a robust sense of national identity as an integral part of its premise,” notes Andy Oliver of Saltire in his recent review on Broken Frontier. “… super-heroes and self-publishing are a difficult sell. I don’t completely discount the genre in ‘Small Pressganged’ but if I am going to cover them then they have to provide something a little different in either presentation or premise from the standard DC/Marvel fare… And, in that respect, there was more than enough to keep my attention here.” (Read Andy’s full review for an astute appraisal of the title).

• If you would like to join the Saltire team and would like more information, email for details on their submission policy. The company warns that while they do reply to all requests for representation, due to the large volume of requests we receive, they cannot offer a specific time frame for our reply

• For more on Saltire visit the comic’s website here. Saltire is available to buy here priced £9.99 and is published by Diamondsteel Comics


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