2000AD Art Competition goes steampunk

Last month's winning entry - Rogue Trooper by Mo Ali.

Last month’s winning entry in the 2000AD Forum Art Competition – Rogue Trooper by Mo Ali.

Over on the 2000AD official forum, comic creators are regularly encouraged to take part in a monthly themed art competition – and this month the theme is steampunk.

“It had to happen,” enthuses organiser and freelance artist himself, Owen Watts. “Whip those unnecessary cogs out, this competition is going steampunk. Drag your favourite thrill back (or forward, if a gentleman Slaine floats your boat) to the 1800s.”

There are prizes for this – one for the winner, one for Tharg’s Choice, won last month by “Dark Jimbo”. All entries will be featured on the 2000AD Art Competition Facebook page, and in addition to the winners, who are decided by votes by forum members, one of Tharg’s droid picks their favourite entry. Last month, in a competition focusing on the stories of Gerry Finley-Day, Chris Weston chose the Rogue Trooper-inspired entry above by IAMTHESYSTEM.

Rogue Trooper art by IAMTHESYSTEM, selected as a favourite image by Chris Weston in September's 2000AD Forum Art Competition.

Rogue Trooper art by IAMTHESYSTEM, selected as a favourite image by Chris Weston in September’s 2000AD Forum Art Competition.

The Rules for 2000AD Forum members wishing to enter are:

– You can enter as many times as you like but bear in mind it will split your vote so it may not be worth it.
– All entries have to be constructed specifically for the competition – no pictures that you’ve done for something before
– Entries must be posted to this thread on the 2000AD Forum by 27th October 2013

You just post your entries to the thread and then Owen gathers them all up into a voting thread when the deadline passes. The forum’s own image attachment function isn’t great, so it’s best use something like Photobucket and then post your entry as an [IMG] tagged link.

• Submit Entries: http://forums.2000adonline.com/index.php/topic,39330.0.html
Note that you must be a Forum member to enter.


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