Zombies on the loose! ‘Dead Roots’ Kickstarter launched

Comic creator Mike Garley has launched a Kickstarter campaign to try to gain funding to print a deluxe collection of Dead Roots, a four-part shared-world zombie comic anthology, featuring top talent from TV, film and comics.

Dead Roots has 38 wonderfully unique stories that will see the anthology run to some 180 pus pages, from a diverse range of creators that let you see a zombie apocalypse told from multiple points of view.

Up and coming creators as well as established creators involved include Paul Alexander (Red Dwarf, My Parents are Aliens, Emmerdale), Eric Canete (Iron Man, Luke Cage, Superboy), Andrew Ellard (Red Dwarf, IT Crowd, Miranda), James Henry (Green Wing, Smack the Pony, Campus), James Moran (Doctor Who, Severance, Cockneys VS Zombies), Jason Arnopp (Doctor Who, Friday The 13th, Stormhouse) and Gordon Rennie (Judge Dredd, White Trash, Necronauts). Ensuring that Dead Roots is full of amazing stories throughout.


“I wanted to create a shared world anthology that even though told by multiple creators was still about the characters,” explains Mike, “so I needed a way to cut through all the potentially page-wasting exposition and create a world where the problem was obvious, that way the creators can get straight into what they do best, and that’s telling great stories.

“Zombies gave us that way to cut into the crux of storytelling. Although sometimes overused, there’s no mistaking what zombies are, they’re scary kill or be killed monsters, that more often than not signify the end of the world.

“Instead of focusing on the zombies we focused on the characters and how they would react in the initial hours of the outbreak, avoiding cliched, gun-toting stories, and dealing with real world problems… amplified by zombies.”

Dead Roots a fantastic looking project and the team are publishing daily updates on progress on the Kickstarter page. Shuffle over and find out more…


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