43 Years in the Third Form

(with thanks to Graeme Neil Reid) via dtbNing): Girls comics? Eh what’s that?

Starting on Monday 23rd July on Radio 4 is a five part dramatization about girls’ comics, the episodes following directly on from Woman’s Hour. Here’s the Radio Times blurb…

43 Years in the Third Form 10.45am and repeated 7.45pm FM Radio 4

If the names Bunty, Jackie and Misty stir a youthful nostalgia then the chances are you are female. These five short dramas celebrate girls’ comics from the 50s through to the 80s using escapism from the harsher realities of teenage life as a common theme, while illustrating how “motivational stories for young ladies” ended up in later years as advice columns on how to snog without dribbling.

Well worth checking out, methinks. If you buy the Radio Times then you can see a nice little illustration on page 129 (part of this above) that accompanies the text, drawn by, well, Graeme!

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