A Double Dose of the Awesome Comics Podcast – in Full Colour from K. Michael Russell & Learn Comic Color.com!

Who knew the Awesome Comics Podcast team were so amazingly good looking? And that's just the lizards.

Who knew the Awesome Comics Podcast team were so amazingly good looking? And that’s just the lizards. Oh, all right, this isn’t really the ACP team. It’s their stunt doubles.

Yes, yes, we got behind again on our Awesome Comics Podcast plugs, so Tony Esmond kicked me in the nadgers until I promised to get up to date. Ready? Here we go…

Comic book stores are some of the best places in the world, and where would us comic fans be without them? Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond talk about what they think makes a good store and get some amazing recommendations from listeners.

Also, with San Diego Comic Con churning out loads of awesome news and trailers, the gang take some time to talk about the stuff they’re excited about. It’s a good old fashioned pub chat style ramble of a show thats full of chuckles and talk of this medium we all love.

There’s also some great small press books and events to get excited about, and the results of the cheeky competition the gang launched last week are revealed. Plus theres plenty of ranting, rambling, movie talk (don’t mention Green Street) and general comic book geekery to be had. Vince finally finds a comic book movie Tony doesn’t like, Dan wonders why he reads some articles on the train and Tony tries to say the word anal a lot… again.

Mentioned in this episode are: Sliced Quarterly, Ken Reynolds, The Last Driver, Shaky Kane, Dead Canary Comics, Turncoat, Ryan O Sullivan, Plaid Klaus, Aftershock Comics, Captain Kid, Wilfredo Torres, Airboy, A Certain Symmetry, Water Closet Press

• Listen to the podcast right here (please note, some adult language throughout)

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 57: K. Michael Russell & Learn Comic Color.com

This week, the ACP gang are joined by K. Michael Russell, a comic colouring professional who not only is working on some exciting upcoming books from Image, but who also offers courses to those who want to know more about the art form of colouring comic books. It’s a fascinating insight into a side of comics not enough people know about, and the group discuss the importance of using flatters, how story should always come first, the colours of Dredd, how publishers choose colouring teams and much more.

There’s also talk of Doll Man, Jack Palance, lots of great upcoming events and comics, Dan brings the mood up after a sombre remembrance moment, Vince attempts more smooth segways and Tony talks about a book he’s wanted to talk about it for ages!

Mentioned in this episode are: K Michael Russell, Learn Comic Color Courses, KMRs YouTube videos, Postal, Glitterbomb, Jim Zub, Atlas Comics, Police Action featuring Lomax NYPD, Ness, Chris Welsh, Robert Carey, Julie Nick’s Pulp Stories, Julie Nick, Revelations, Horrere, Madius Comics, Adam and Gils Trivia Game, Adam J Smith, Gill Hatcher, Night of 1000 Wolves and Dave Wachter

• Listen to the podcast right here (please note, some adult language throughout)

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