Adult comic Poot back on the stands

If you want a magazine that comes out with clockwork regularity but doesn’t have many jokes, buy The Economist. If you want an irregularly-appearing magazine with jokes about flatulence, genitalia, going to the lavatory and other “grown-up” topics, buy Poot! 

Poot!, which enjoyed a lot of success (and good sales) when it was first published back in 1986 by a group of motley students at Birmingham University, went on hiatus in 1991. In 2009 the title was revived and, although finding the news stand a tough sell second time around, the team behind the title are really working hard to try and promote the revived title.

Jim Whittaker tells us Poot!, which has a similar format to Viz but is full colour throughout, is aimed at “students and young professionals” (who are predominantly male but the magazine does has ‘approving’ female appeal).

“We also sell a lot to mainstream mid-life crisis males,” Jim says, “mainly travelling business men looking for something light to read on their train back home.

“Basically anyone who doesn’t take life too seriously and likes a good giggle on the lavvy.”

Contributors on recent editions include Alex Foulds,  John Randles, Royston Robertson and Phil Tonge and many others, although the list doesn’t include the core team or the other three main guys involved. (“We’re much too modest!” says Jim).

Like all humour titles, Poot! isn’t going to appeal to everyone but it’s clearly gained an audience and loyal following, boosted by the editorial team’s social media push and full colour printing, which gives it huge potential. 

Jim tells us the title is always on the look out for new contributors. “About a third of Poot! comes from amateur cartoonists – and we try to pay every contributor something.”

• Poot! Issue 7, priced £2.99, is available now  throughout the UK (including many WHSmith branches at stations and airports) and also in a few other countries if you look hard enough. Definitely not for minors

• Official web site:
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Contributors can upload here:

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