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Art by Cliff Robinson

(with thanks to Matt Badham): Many British comic characters may not be getting the exposure these days – who wouldn’t want to see new adventures of Steel Claw or Adam Eterno? – but thanks to the web, comic creators can keep these icons alive. Case in point is Someone Old, Someone New – a blog where artists feature old and new British comic characters in one frame of ‘What If?’ style fun.

The creation of ‘MangaMax‘, who also runs the AIEEE blog on British comic characters, the  brief is simple: ask an artist to depict a chosen classic, long out of print British comic character meeting a modern, in print one. Whether they get along and what they’re doing is entirely up to the artist – part of the fun of it seeing just what they’ll come up with. The only stipulation anyone is given is that it must be black and white, the natural enviroment of the 70’s, apart from that its all down to them.

Robot Archie and Judge Anderson
Art by Dave Taylor

Many artists have already stepped up to the plate, including Cliff Robinson (above, who helped kick the project off), Glenn Fabry, Dave Taylor, Paul Grist and many others.

The blog is also  a showcase for a slowly growing collection of commissions of Black Max, MangaMax’s favourite ever British comic character – and convention sketches of those classic 60/70’s strips he love so much.

So well worth checking out at: http://someoneoldsomeonenew.blogspot.com

– The Spider, Janus Stark and Robot Archie © IPC
– Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson © Rebellion

– Adam Eterno and Black Max © Egmont UK

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