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Classic heroes month continues on Alex Fitch’s radio show and podcast Strip!, which airs on London’d Resonance FM, with a look at the red-suited vigilante Daredevil – blind lawyer by day and superhero by night, soon to be written by former 2000AD editor Andy Diggle, who has just signed an exclusive contract with Marvel.

Strip!: Daredevil by Alex Maleev and Alex Irvine
Strip!: Daredevil by Alex Maleev and Alex Irvine

Trying to break the record for the largest number of people called Alex in any one episode of the show, Alex Fitch talks to the Bulgarian artist Alex Maleev who, with writer Brian Bendis brought the periodical back to the forefront of Marvel Comics’ line in an award winning four year run on the title in the mid 2000s.

Alex also talks to novelist Alex Irvine whose anachronistic reimagining of the comic – Daredevil Noir – starts next month and combines the Chandleresque storytelling of Frank Miller’s iconic run on the title with the look and feel of classic Film Noir, relocating the adventures of Matt Murdock to Hell’s Kitchen in the 1930s…

• Strip! airs at 5.00pm on 26 March, repeated 11.30pm 29March on Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at with an extended podcast at

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