Andersonic 8 Is Go

Issue8-coverB.jpgThe latest of the superb Gerry Anderson fanzine Andersonic has just been released. Issue 8 includes a new interview with artist Mike Noble, who discusses his work on Anderson-related comic strips in TV Century 21 and Look-In, talking about his techniques, influences and drawing everything from cowboys to bedsteads!

Other features in the latest 40-page magazine include:-

Stingrayis there more to Stingray’s longevity than all that colour? Line out to Deepsville with Commander Daddio to find out about the Andersons’ foray into inner space.

Joe 90 – City of Dolls – a look at how the series captured the zeitgeist of the late 1960s.

• The Metamorph Retrospective – Changes were deemed necessary to get the series back on the air, but did they do the trick? Andersonic examines the colourful opening episode of Space:1999‘s reboot.

• Beyond Century 21 – A look at the fate of costumes, instrumentation and miniatures from the Anderson series after the closure of the studios… but where exactly do Sid James and mashed potato fit into the equation?

• Space:1999/ Missing Link – a look at Edward di Lorenzo’s thoughtful offering from the first series. Is it more important to feel than to think? Koenig’s not sure…

The magazine also features reviews of two classic episodes – Joe 90: Business Holiday and UFO: The Square Triangle, reviews Fanderson’s Stingray CD and two volumes of Reynolds and Hearn’s TV21 reprints, and more.

• Andersonic Issue 8 is available via the website – price £2.25 including UK postage and also from eBay for a limited period. If you’d prefer to pay by cheque or PO, please get in touch for our postal address.

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