Moore on Marvelman at Marvel

Alan Moore has commented on Marvel’s acquisition of Marvelman, saying he’s pleased the deal, which will mean his Marvelman stories will be re-published, will see the character’s creator Mick Anglo benefit once again.

“After being initially informed by Neil Gaman’s lawyer, I had to think about it for a couple of days,” he told Kurt Amacker at “I decided that while I’m very happy for this book to get published—because that means money will finally go to Marvelman’s creator, Mick Anglo, and to his wife. Mick is very, very old, and his wife, I believe, is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

“The actual Marvelman story is such a grim and ugly one that I would probably rather that the work was published without my name on it, and that all of the money went to Mick,” he continued. “The decision about my name was largely based upon my history with Marvel—my desire to really have nothing to do with them, and my increasing desire to have nothing to do with the American comics industry. I mean, they’re probably are enough books out there with my name on them to keep the comics industry afloat for a little bit longer.

“…” Neil will [also] be able to finish his Marvelman story because he has a completely different relationship with Marvel than I have with them — or rather, don’t have. The main thing is that I will feel happy to know that Mick Anglo is finally getting the recompense he so richly deserves. And, I will have distanced myself from a lot of the deceit and ugliness that surrounded the relaunching of Marvelman as a character.”

• Read the full interview, in which Alan also talks about the origins of his Marvelman story for Warrior, the first part of an ongoing interview with Alan, here

• News story compiled thanks to Paul Eldridge

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