Author Alan Cowsill launches Marvel UK-skewed podcast, Last Geek in Space

Last Geek in Space Podcast Author, comics writer and editor Alan Cowsill has just launched a new podcast, Last Geek in Space, the opening episode featuring an interview with Marvel Comics artist and independent film maker, Kev Hopgood.

Alan intends Last Geek in Space to feature interviews with famous comic book creators about their favourite artists, writers and comics.

“It’s going to have a heavy Marvel UK link,” says Alan. “We’re starting with Kev Hopgood and have a few other British artists and writers lined up.

“I’ll also be talking to designers and folk a lot of people don’t often hear from about their time at the company and what comics they like…”

Kev Hopgood (and friend)

Kev Hopgood (and friend)

Comic book artist Kev Hopgood, co-creator of War-Machine and Hulkbuster, selects his all time favourite comics, artwork and movies as he prepares to get blasted into the great beyond as the Last Geek in Space.

Kev also talks about how he got his big break in comics, his time drawing Iron Man for Marvel and his new role as a writer.

Last Geek in Space will also include a behind the scenes look at magazine creation from those in the industry.

Alan Cowsill

Alan Cowsill

Alan Cowsill is an award-winning writer and editor who started out selling comics and magazines as a dealer before becoming a full-time creative, and well suited to host a podcast about the comics and publishing industry, having been involved in it for many years.

He’s created stories for most comic companies, and edited hit titles for Marvel, Panini and Eaglemoss. When he’s not working on comics, Alan writes novels and practices Kung Fu and Qigong.

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