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Awesome Comics Podcast - General PromotionHere’s a round up of the recent Awesome Comics Podcasts from Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and our very own Tony Esmond (we’d write that in bigger letters, but the web doesn’t let you). The gang were really busy getting on with talking creating comics, while I was busy battling forest fires, rescuing cats from trees, neighbours from wells – basically, pretty much many things that had nothing to do with comics.

Be aware that the boys on occasion don’t hold back on the adult language in these podcasts, but there’s some great stuff about the comics process to be heard!

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 76: Comic Stores and the Small Press

Vince, Dan and Tony are joined by Reg from Destination Venus, an independent comic book shop fighting the good fight in the name of comics. They discuss the ups and downs of weekly comic book life, how independent comics are represented in the retail world and as always, so much more! It’s the first show with opinions from the other side of the comic shop counter, but after such a fascinating conversation, it surely wont be the last. Don’t miss it!

Great stuff to check out: Destination VenusDestination Venus on TwitterThe Six Million Dollar Man: The Fall of ManThe Gigantic Beard that was EvilSlam

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Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 77: 2016 Highlights

Another year of comics is in the bag, and this time it’s the first whole year for the Awesome Pod. With that in mind, VInce, Dan and Tony sat down to discuss some of their highlights of the year. They talk about great series, publishers, creators and conventions from 2016 and then talk about what they want to see in 2017. It gets silly, serious and everything in between.

For an extra bonus we have an exclusive interview as Tony visits NoBrow Studios to get the skinny on their amazing work from Sam Arthur!

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Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 78: Festive Comic Specials

Released during the past festive season, the ACP crew took some time to talk about the comics that come out at this time of year. The Holiday Specials! It’s a special conversation about holiday specials and it doesn’t get any more special than that! There’s talk of the 2000AD, Marvel and DC specials, what everyone think of them, some listener comments, poll results and more. Theres also some great indie books to check out so dont miss it!

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Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 79: Bad Book Review Club

For the first show of 2017 the Awesome Pod were joined by brilliant up and coming artist Matt Harrower for a special show. For a bit of fun, everyone took a look back on some old comics that came out in the 1990s (an era with an overly harsh reputation) and gave a new, fresh and hilarious take on them.

There’s talk of crazy autobiographical music comics, the dark era of Spawn, some crazy sequential artwork, character designs/rip offs and so much more. It’s also got more Rob Liefeld than you can shake a stick at! Its a fun show to kick off the new year so check it out!

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Jon Laight

Jon Laight

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 80: Superhero Comics in the Small Press

Jon Laight (Brethren Born, Comichaus) joins the Awesome Pod to join their discussion about Superheroes in the independent and small press scene. They talk about the view of superheroes in the small press, the difficulties in creating original superhero stories, diversity when it comes to character creation and the perils and responsibilities of small press superheroes.

Also there’s some talk of the big two, more Valiant love, an alarm goes off, Groot’s gender gets discussed, the announcement of a new ACP facebook discussion group, Awesome Comics Talk – and some fantastic books you need to be reading are given a shout out.

“It’s a suprisingly grown up and thoughtful conversation,” Vince insists, “but don’t worry, there’s plenty of silliness to be had!”

Realted stuff to check out: Jon Laight, Brethren Born, Sleeping Dragon Press, Not My Shame, Planet of the Daemons #2, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, Black Mask Comics, Savage, Valiant Comics

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