Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 27 – Dean Beattie and Random Trials!

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 27 - Dean Beattie and Random TrialsThis week Awesome Comic Podcast hosts Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond are joined by Dean Beattie, a creator with an ever growing fanbase due to his amazing series Random Trials. He talks about how the series came to be, his start in illustration, convention experiences and what he’s got in the pipeline for this year.

There’s also some in-depth and very mature discussion about nipple guns (oh dear… – Ed), possible band names, eyebrows and the merits of ‘free hugs’. Also, Vince threatens Dean with physical contact in the form of a hug, Dan still hasn’t gotten his VIZ annual yet and everyone gives some handy medical advice after Tony asks about viagra ‘for a friend’.

Devoted (largely, apart from the nipple guns!) to British small press and independent comics,mentioned in this episode of the Awesome Comics Podcast are: Dean Beattie, Random TrialsRadio On: Broadcast 2The HellionJaybird, Trees by Warren Ellis, Jason Howard, The Astounding Wolf-Man, Gunviking, Dave Stokes, Geekaboo Comic Mart, True Believers Comic Con, London Super Comic Con, A Place to Hang Your Cape, Pipedream Comics, NearlymadesAssault on Fortress Doom, Disconnected Press, Disconnected Anthology and Alex Automatic

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