Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 34: Nich Angell and 7String/Big Punch Studios

Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 34: Nich Angell and 7String/Big Punch Studios

Nich Angell, creator of the action music odyssey 7String and one of the mighty Big Punch Studios joins Vince Hunt, Dan Butcher and Tony Esmond to talk about his epic comic series and what lead to the creation of the Big Punch multiverse. There’s also discussions about world building, the use of music within sequential pages, adverts in comics and even epic sandwich card games.

Plus there’s the usual comic book banterfest with tons of brilliant books and events brought up, Vince reminisces about Thundercats crisps, Dan gets caught in a Vanguard loop  and Tony announces he owns a kilt.

It’s another comic filled classic, so check it out now!

WARNING: May be a bit sweary.

Mentioned in this episode: Nich Angell, 7String, Big Punch Studios, The Heavenly Chord, Sandwich Masters, Arkensword, Wolf Country, Planet Jimbot, Reddin, Dead Canary Comics, Conor Boyle, Wildcats Volume 3, The Authority,  Brandon Graham, King City, Cory Lewis, Sharknife, Phonogram, Orbital Comics, London Film and Comic Con, Dunfermline Comic Con, Nottingham Comic Con, DIY Art Market, Sinners 2 Kickstarter, Wolfmen, Andy Bloor, Accent UK, Dyna-Girl, Spiral, The Last Man, Pipedream ComicsA Place to Hang Your CapeDown the Tubes and Emily’s Syrian Art Auction

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