Black Hearted Press to launch new titles at Thought Bubble

Comics writer Jim Alexander, whose credits include stories for 2000AD, DC and Marvel Comics and Metal Hurlant has been heavily involved with Glasgow-based publishers Black Hearted Press and is the writer on two new books that will be launched at Thought Bubble in Leeds later this month.

Co-founded by David Brayher, John Farman and Sha Nazir last year, Black Hearted Press is a new Scottish comic book publisher promoting new, exciting and diverse creator owned, collaborative comic books whose first release was Black Maria issue 616.

Building on that success, they’ve published three titles this year – Black Hearted Love, Laptop Guy and School of the Damned with contributions from Jim Alexander, Dave Alexander, Jim Devlin and Jack Lothian – and are now set to publish Gabriel and Scout One, both written by Jim.

A page from the first issue of Gabriel, drawn by David Hill

“Gabriel written by myself with art by David Hill, was published almost a decade ago by Caliber,” he tells us. “Now serialised by BHP over four parts, it’s the story of one man’s isolation and dislocation, wrapped up in horror and religious themes, as a demon runs rampage through the streets of Glasgow – which seems as pertinent to me now as it did then.  I’m firmly of the belief the strip deserves a second outing.”

The back-up strip is ‘Manchester’, also written by Jim with art by Andy Dodd. The story is set at the end of the world. “For one man,” says Jim, “the last day on Earth is quite possibly the happiest day of his life.”

Also out is Scout One.  “This is a super-hero strip with a difference,” Jim reveals. “I know you’ve probably heard this a hundred times before, but artist Sha Nazir’s lovely expressive art lends the story a gritty DC Thomson look, which never detracts from the three different storylines from three different time periods, chronicling the modern myth that is the super-hero known as Scout One.

“The story has a Doctor Who sensibility to it; there’s a real sense of adventure and fun to be had.  Something parents and kids can both enjoy.”   

Gabriel #1 is on sale now.  For more details check out the link

Gabriel #1 and Scout One #1 will also be on sale at Thought Bubble, Leeds, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November.  Black Hearted Press will be sharing a table with the Burke & Hare team in Saviles Hall.

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