British Comic Shop Releases (4th March 2015) – Vomiting Projectiles and Doctor Who!

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9. Cover by Brian Williamson


Here’s our weekly list of both British and US comics on sale this week in comic shops (Wednesday 4th March 2015). It complements our monthly lost of new graphic novel releases which you can find here for March 2015.

Titan Comics have not one but two Doctor Who titles on sale this week, and even their final Penguins of Madagascar has a Doctor Who connecton, as it’s written by Cavan Scott, also co-author of the marvellous The Official Doctor Who Miscellany.

2000AD features a cracking cover from Dylan Teague; and it’s good to see Chris Wildgoose and Luke Pearson delivering some great covers, too, along with Bryan Hitch and Doug Braithwaite. They’re all featured below.

I’ve also highlighted three new books on the comic form now available through comic shops as well as books shops and online stores, published by the University of Mississippi.

And, finally, as Doctor Who fans here, how could we not note the arrival of Doctor Who: Time Trips Anthology from BBC Books?Although, adly, despite a cracking title, we’re reliably informed the bizarrely titled Space Helmet for a Space Cow from Mad Norwegian Press is a  disappointment.

British Comics


2000AD Prog 1920

2000AD Prog 1920

Vomiting Projectiles! The latest issue of 2000AD comes wrapped in this striking Savage cover by Dylan Teague, featuring opponents of military robotics expert anti-Howard Quartz, cyborg militants, The Grinders, and ‘Sue Grue’, who has turned herself into a living weapon – literally!

Judge Dredd: Dark Justice by John Wagner & Greg Staples

Mega-City One, 2137 AD. Home to 50 million citizens, this urban hell is situated along the east coast of post-apocalyptic North America, where crime is rampant and only the Judges can stop total anarchy. Toughest of them all is JUDGE DREDD — he is the Law! Now, Dark Judges’ Fear, Fire and Mortis, are loose on starship, The Mayflower and have slaughtered most of the colonists. Dredd & Anderson are leading a rescue squad…

Survival Geeks: Steampunk’d by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby & Neil Googe

Somewhere in the outer limits of time and space, plunging through the planes of reality, is what looks from the outside like a regular suburban two-up two-down, but it is in fact powered by misfiring transdimensional technology. Inside live sci-fi obsessives Clive, Rufus and Simon, plus new (and not very happy about it) addition Sam. Now, they’ve crashed in a steampunk dimension, where they’ve met a version of their former housemate Evan…

Tharg’s 3rillers: Station To Station by Eddie Robson & Darren Douglas

Three episodes, one complete, self-contained story — a condensed hit of super-charged Thrill-power™ beamed to you directly from the Nerve Centre!London, 2015. Syrian Muslim refugee Amany has fled to the UK, but is waiting to see whether she will be deported. Begging for change on the Underground one morning, she is suddenly subsumed into an alien hivemind called The Link when it takes over the network. Now, she must stop it from expanding…

The Order: Part Nine by Kek-W and John M. Burns

Germany, the thirteenth century. Young Anna Kohl always felt her father was a mystery to her, a distant figure that seemed to be part of a select group of knights. Upon his death, she was determined to learn more about the man, and set off to discover the truth behind the cadre of warriors known as The Order. Now, she has discovered that they are a trio of old men and a robotic knight, who have sworn to stop the Wurms…

Savage: Grinders by Pat Mills and Patrick Goddard

In 1999, Britain was invaded by the Volgans. When lorry driver Bill Savage learned his family had been killed by a Volgan shell, he began a one-man war against the aggressors. Now, in 2010, Savage has lead the resistance to victory, with the Volgans surrendering after the US lent their support — in the shape of Howard Quartz’s, Raptor drones andHammerstein Mark II war-droids. But other parties are at work that will threaten this peace…

Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor #8

Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor #8 - Photo Cover


Doctor Who: The 10th Doctor #8 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Robbie Morrison Artist: Daniel Indro Cover Artist: Mariano Laclaustra

Trapped in a tunnel beneath No Man’s Land, the Doctor and the surviving soldiers under his protection fight for their lives – with open eyes! With the TARDIS lost, the Weeping Angels on one side and the might of the German front lines on the other, how much will the Doctor sacrifice to keep Gabby safe? And in the endless dark, struggling not to blink, sparks are fanned between Gabby and Jamie Colquhoun. Is he just one more doomed soldier?


Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9 - Photo Cover


Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9
Writer: Al Ewing Artist: Boo Cook Cover Artist: Brian Williamson

“I disliked my enemy so much… I bought the company!” Fresh from a bruising battle with the Amstrons, the Doctor has decided that enough is enough. If SERVEYOUinc won’t stop plaguing him and his friends wherever they land, he’s going to hit them where it hurts – by buying a controlling interest in the company! But what does the Doctor’s corporate career mean for Alice, ARC, and Jones? Is there a place for them in the Doctor’s bold new venture? And what kind of sting does SERVEYOUinc have left to deploy?


Dragons Riders Of Berk Graphic Novel Volume 4 - The Stowaway


Dragons: Riders Of Berk Graphic Novel Volume 4 – The Stowaway
Writer: Simon Furman Artist: Iwan Nazif, Stephen Downey

The Dragons Training Academy gets a new student – a handsome, brave young man named Hroar! It seems that Hroar has stowed away on one of Berk’s ships to visit Berk and check out the dragons. And as Hroar becomes more and more popular by impressing Hiccup’s friends (especially Astrid), Hiccup grows increasingly suspicious of him!

Penguins of Madagascar #4


Penguins of Madagascar #4
Writer: Cavan Scott Artist: Lucas Fereyra

The concluding chapter of the adventures of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private in DreamWorks’ Penguins of Madagascar new 4-issue comic series.

US Publishers

Dark Horse Comics

Angel And Faith Season 10 #12
Conan Hard Cover Volume 17 Shadows Over Kush
Dead Rider Trade Paperback
Emily And The Strangers Hard Cover Volume 2 Breaking Record
Hellboy And The BPRD #4 1952
Lady Killer #2 (Second Printing)
Lady Killer #3
Legend Korra Plush Naga
Neverboy #1
New Lone Wolf And Cub Trade Paperback Volume 4 (Mature Readers)
Rat God #2
Shaolin Cowboy Hard Cover: The Shemp Buffet
Terminator Enemy Of My Enemy Trade Paperback

DC Comics

Aquaman And The Others #11
Batman And Robin #38 (Second Printing)
Batman Eternal #48

Dead Boy Detectives Trade Paperback Volume 2 Ghost Snow


Dead Boy Detectives Trade Paperback Volume 2 Ghost Snow
Writer: Toby Litt Artist: Mark Buckingham & Various Cover Artist: Mark Buckingham

In these stories from issues #7-12, Charles and Crystal set out to prove that Charles’s father did not murder his mother, and to find out whether Crystal really can bring her friend back from the grave.

Deathstroke #2 (Second Printing)
Detective Comics #40
Earth 2 #32
Earth 2 Worlds End #22
Flash Season Zero #6
Grayson #8


Green Arrow #40

Green Arrow #40
Writer: Andrew Kreisberg, Ben Sokolowski Artist: Daniel Sampere, Jonathan Glapion Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch

A villain triumphant! A city out for blood! Can things get any worse for Green Arrow? You bet they can! Guest-starring Batman!

Green Lantern #40 Combo Pack
Harley Quinn #15

Hinterkind #16

Hinterkind #16 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Ian Edginton Artist: Francesco Trifogli Cover Artist: Marguerite Sauvage

All his Machiavellian maneuvering has been for naught as Severin’s reign is cut painfully short, while Psamira, the Skinling matriarch, moves forward with her plan to seize the throne. With the enemy at the gate, Queen Telesche sends her son, Prince Parsifal, and Prosper Monday on a last-ditch mission that could save them all or reduce her kingdom to a burning ruin: awaken Tiamat, the last dragon!

Infinity Man And The Forever People #8
Justice League 3000 #15
Justice Leauge United Hard Cover Volume 1 Justice League Canada (N52)
Lobo #6


Names #7

Names #7 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Peter Milligan Artist: Leandro Fernandez Cover Artist: Celia Calle

The Names’ kingpin, Stoker, reveals what might have compelled Katya’s husband to throw himself out a high window. Meanwhile, Katya continues her quest and gets tantalizingly closer to knowing who made her a widow. Secret love, violence, insanity, and intrigue…Katya’s problems are only beginning…

New 52 Futures End #44 (Weekly)
Scooby Doo Team Up #9
Swamp Thing #40
Teen Titans Go Trade Paperback Volume 1 Party Party
Wolf Moon #4 (Mature Readers)
Wonder Woman #38 (Second Printing)
Y The Last Man Trade Paperback Book 02 (Mature Readers)

IDW Publishing

Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War Trade Paperback Volume 2
Diamond Island Trade Paperback
Gi Joe (2014) #6
Godzilla Rulers Of The Earth #21
Monster Motors Curse Of Minivan Helsing #1
My Little Pony Friends Forever #14
Powerpuff Girls Super Smash-Up #2
Robert Heinleins Citizen Of The Galaxy #1


Shadow Show #4


Shadow Show #4
Writer: Dave Eggers & Various Artist: Matthew Dow Smith & Various Cover Artist: Chris Wildgoose

In Shadow Show, acclaimed writers and artists come together to pay tribute to the work of the one and only Ray Bradbury! The stories featured include “Who Knocks,” written by Dave Eggers with art by Matthew Dow Smith, a classic horror tale about what lurks beneath the water; “Earth: A Gift Shop” by Charles Yu and Christine Larsen, about the future role of our planet as an intergalactic curio shop; and “Altenmoor, where the dogs dance” by Mort Castle and S L Gallant, where a young boy discovers the world that his grandfather wrote about in his fantasy novels.

Silent Hill Downpour Annes Story Trade Paperback
Star Trek New Visions A Scent Of Ghosts
Star Trek Planet Of The Apes #3
Transformers #38 Days Of Deception
Transformers Animated Comp Allspark Almanac Trade Paperback
Transformers More Than Meets Eye #38 – Days Of Deception
Transformers Primacy Trade Paperback
Winterworld #0
The X-Files Year Zero Trade Paperback

Image Comics

68 Jungle Jim Guts N Glory One Shot Cvr A Jones & Fotos (Mature Readers, Variant Cover)
Alex + Ada Trade Paperback Volume 2
Big Man Plans #1 (Mature Readers)
Birthright Trade Paperback Volume 1 Homecoming (Mature Readers, Variant Covers)
Black Science #12 Cvr A Scalera & Dinisio (Mature Readers)
Dark Engine #5 (Mature Readers)
Descender #1  (Mature Readers)
Dying And The Dead #1 (Second Printing)
Egos #6
God Hates Astronauts #6 Cvr A Browne (Mature Readers, Variant Covers)
Nailbiter Hack Slash Hack Slash Nailbiter One Shot (Mature Readers)
Nailbiter Trade Paperback Volume 2 Bloody Hands (Mature Readers)

Nameless #1 2nd Printing


Nameless #1 2nd Printing (Mature Readers)
Writer: Grant Morrison Artist/Cover Artist: Chris Burnham, Nathan Fairbairn


Nameless #2


Nameless #2 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Grant Morrison Artist/Cover Artist: Chris Burnham

On a former U.S. moonbase, kept secret since the Cold War, a terrible key unlocks an ancient box and a last-ditch plan is drafted to save humanity from the doomsday asteroid Xibalba-but is it already too late?
The nightmare intensifies in MORRISON & BURNHAM’s apocalyptic occult horror epic!

Rat Queens #9 (Mature Readers)
Revival #28 (Mature Readers)
Saga #26 (Mature Readers)

Supreme Blue Rose #7


Supreme Blue Rose #7 (Mature Readers)
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist/Cover Artist: Tula Lotay

Concluding the story of superhero fiction gone wrong with the final confrontation between Diana and Ethan, between agents and operators from splintered timelines, and between Darius Dax and the nature of the universe. Many questions have been asked, and the answers will kill people.

Marvel Comics

All New Hawkeye #1

Angela Asgards Assassin #4


Angela Asgards Assassin #4
Writer: Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett Artist: Phil Jimenez, Stephanie Hans Cover Artist: Stephanie Hans

• We’ve been to Earth for street level Marvel fun. We’ve been to the Nine Realms for fantasy Marvel fun. Next up: deep space, for (er) deep space Marvel fun.
• Can Kieron and Marguerite resist the chance to write the characters from last year’s awesome summer blockbuster? Clue: Rhymes with Nardians of the Galaxy.
• (Of course not, you silly bears.)
Rated T+

Avengers #42 Time Runs Out
Avengers Trade Paperback Volume 5 Adapt Or Die
Avengers World #18  Time Runs Out
Death Of Wolverine Trade Paperback Weapon X Program
Guardians Team-Up #1
Hawkeye Vs Deadpool Trade Paperback
Hulk #12
Iron Fist Living Weapon #10
Marvel’s Ant-Man Prelude #2
Marvel’s Avengers Trade Paperback Age Of Ultron Prelude

Miracleman #16


Miracleman #16 (Mature Readers)
Writer: You Know Who Artist/Cover Artist: John Totleben

• Miracleman’s existence has been revealed in a shocking fashion! Confronted with this new reality, he chooses to take action and realize his destiny.
• From the ashes of great tragedy, the world will be reborn. The sick will be healed. Military powers will be disarmed. The planet will be restored. Poverty will be abolished. Every day shall be a day of miracles…a new dawn for humankind!
• The original Miracleman opus comes to its majestic close in “Olympus”!
• Including material originally presented in MIRACLEMAN (1985) #16, plus bonus content.

Marvel Master Works Captain America Hard Cover Volume 1 (New Printing)
Marvel Master Works Daredevil Hard Cover Volume 1 (New Printing)
Operation Sin #3
Princess Leia #1
Return Of Living Deadpool #2
Rocket Raccoon #9
Spider-Woman #5
Super Villains Unite Trade Paperback Complete Super Villain Team Up
Wolverines #9
X-Men #25

Other Publishers – Comics and Graphic Novels

07 Ghost Graphic Novel Volume 15

Adventure Time Trade Paperback Volume 6

Adventure Time Trade Paperback Volume 6
Writer: Ryan North Artist: Shelli Paroline & Various Cover Artist: Luke Pearson

The Candy Kingdom is a ghost town! Finn and Jake finally get to have the ultimate out-of-body experience-LITERALLY. It’s a new day in Ooo when its greatest heroes find themselves wandering the Earth as bewildered ghosts! Don’t miss these brand-new adventures written by acclaimed cartoonist Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and illustrated by indie superstar Jim Rugg (Wayward)! Also featuring the all-star comic talent of Dustin Nguyen (Batman: Li’l Gotham), Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son), Jess Fink (Kid With Experience), with Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb (Adventure Time, The Midas Flesh) as they take on the story of Carl the Gem, and the history of Ooo through his eyes. Collects issues #25-29.

Altered States Vampirella One Shot
Amazing World Of Gumball #8
Arata The Legend Graphic Novel Volume 21
Army Of Darkness Vol 4 #4 (Variant Covers)

Blackcross #1


Blackcross #1 (Dynamic Entertainment, Variant Covers)
Writer: Warren Ellis Artist: Colton Worley

All small towns have secrets. All small towns have ghosts. Blackcross, in the Pacific North West of America, has more secrets than most. And it is being haunted by something impossible. BLACKCROSS, a supernatural extension of the PROJECT SUPERPOWERS mythos, is a ghost story about something reaching out from the other side of the night, through the forest and mist of this remote town, to grasp at the hearts of a handful of people who may not find out that they’re the targets of a strange killer until it’s much, much too late.

Blood Queen Vs Dracula #1


Battlestar Galactica Death Of Apollo #4


Battlestar Galactica Death Of Apollo #4
Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Dietrich Smith Cover Artist: Mike Mayhew

In the wake of Apollo’s tragic fate, Starbuck secretly recruits Boomer, Athena and a few chosen others for a desperate and unsanctioned mission, but his reckless determination may be leaving the fleet vulnerable to Cylon attack. And the gathering Cylon threat is stronger and more insidious than ever before. Starbuck won’t let anything stop him… not Adama, not the Cylons and not even common sense. Shocking drama and continuity-shaking military SF action from the acclaimed cosmic creative team of…

Burning Fields #1 (Second Printing) (Mature Readers)
Cain Saga Graphic Novel Volume 02 (Mature Readers)
Cain Saga Graphic Novel Volume 03 (Mature Readers)
Cain Saga Graphic Novel Volume 04 Part 01 (Mature Readers)
Claymore Graphic Novel Volume 26
Cluster #2 (Mature Readers)


Crossed Badlands #73


Crossed Badlands #73 (Mature Readers, Variant Covers)
Writer: David Hine Artist: Nahuel Lopez Cover Artist: Fernando Heinz

The Crossed sickness spread over every continent and city. David Hine returns to the outbreak in Japan to spin a tale of misery as several friends must face the insane horrors of an infected society driven by bloodlust. As civilization crumbles they must find a safe place in the heart of 125 million psychopaths. Available with Regular and Wraparound covers by Fernando Heinz, Torture cover by Christian Zanier, a Fatal Fantasy cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Red Crossed Incentive cover also by Heinz.

Crossed Plus 100 #3


Crossed Plus 100 #3 (Mature Readers) (Variant Covers)
Writer: Alan Moore Artist/Cover Artist: Gabriel Andrade

When human civilization is lost, does that mean we’ve lost our humanity? Alan Moore returns to monthly comics and puts his unique stamp upon the Crossed universe, as he and artist Gabriel Andrade paint a vivid picture of the future 100 years after the outbreak! Future Taylor and her crew uncover a horrific nest and get forced into making some brutal choices. Attempting to piece together the past and the history of the Crossed, Future Taylor is discovering the horrifying truth of the plague that nearly wiped out the human race. This multi-layered story delivers a new brand of horror to Crossed fans at the hands of the scribe that redefined the comics medium.

D Gray Man 3in1 Trade Paperback Volume 6
Dawn Vampirella #3 Rare Linsner Virgin Ed
Day Men #6
Dynamic Forces –  The Walking Dead #115 Nycc Exc Gaudiano Sgn
Dragon Ball 3in1 Trade Paperback Volume 8
Dry Spell Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
Eyeshield 21 Graphic Novel Volume 01
Feathers #3
Fiction Squad #6
Garfield #35 Nine Lives Pt 3
Grimm’s Fairy Tales Warlord Of Oz Hard Cover
Grimm’s Fairy Tales White Queen #2 (Mature Readers, (Variant Covers)
God Is Dead #30 (Mature Readers) (Variant Covers)
Gold Digger #219
Grand Guignol Orchestra Graphic Novel Volume 01
Grand Guignol Orchestra Graphic Novel Volume 02
Grand Guignol Orchestra Graphic Novel Volume 03
Grand Guignol Orchestra Graphic Novel Volume 05
Halogen #1
Herald Lovecraft And Tesla #3
Hero Cats #4
Holy F*Ck #2 Jesus Cvr (Mature Readers) (Variant Covers)
I Play The Bad Guy #3

Imperium #2


Imperium #2 (Variant Covers)
Writer: Joshua Dysart Artist/ Cover Artist: Doug Braithwaite

A psychic dictator, an inhuman robot, a mad scientist, a murderous alien and a super powered terrorist are about to try and take over the world…

And you’re going to be rooting for them every step of the way.


Inner City Romance Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
Itty Bitty Bunnies Cavalcade Contraband Trade Paperback (Mature Readers)
Kamisama Kiss Graphic Novel Volume 02
Kamisama Kiss Graphic Novel Volume 03
Kamisama Kiss Graphic Novel Volume 04
Kamisama Kiss Graphic Novel Volume 06
Kamisama Kiss Graphic Novel Volume 17

King Mandrake Magician #1 Cooke Virgin

King Mandrake Magician #1 Cooke Virgin
Writer: Roger Langridge (Yes, we know he’s not British but he lives here…) Artist: Jeremy Treece Cover Artist: Darwyn Cooke

An interlocking Mandrake the Magician cover by Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier, Catwoman), available in this special, rare “Virgin Art” edition that – when connected to Dynamite’s Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Phantom, and Jungle Jim covers – reinforces the epic scope of the King event!

Kiss Of The Rose Princess Graphic Novel Volume 03
Lady Death (Ongoing) #24 Vip Ultra Premium Cvr (Mature Readers)
Lady Death (Ongoing) #25 (Variant Covers)
Lady Death Apocalypse #1 Dlx Collector Box Set (Mature Readers, Variant Covers)
Lady Death Apocalypse #1 (Variant Covers)
Lady Death Dark Horizons Dlx Coll Box Set #1 (Mature Readers)
Lady Death Origins Annual #1 Collectors Box Set (Mature Readers)
Lbx Graphic Novel Volume 04 Super Lbx
Legenderry Green Hornet #1 Benitez Virgin
Littlest Zombie Summer Dead Special One Shot
Naruto Graphic Novel Volume 69
Nisekoi False Love Graphic Novel Volume 08
Oresama Teacher Graphic Novel Volume 18
Other Side Of The Wall Gn
Otomen Graphic Novel Volume 01
Otomen Graphic Novel Volume 04
Otomen Graphic Novel Volume 05
Palmiotti Brady Big Con Job #1
Pathfinder Origins #1 Rare Sejic Virgin Art
Planet Gigantic New World Home Trade Paperback
Pokemon Adventures Graphic Novel Volume 27
Pokemon The Movie Diancie Cocoon Of Destruction Gn
Pokemon Xy Graphic Novel Volume 02
Pussycats #0 (Mature Readers)
Ranma 1/2 2in1 Trade Paperback Volume 7
Requiem Of The Rose King Graphic Novel Volume 01
Resident Evil Marhawa Desire Graphic Novel Volume 03 (Mature Readers)
Rin-Ne Graphic Novel Volume 17
Robocop 2014 #9 (Mature Readers)
Seraph Of End Graphic Novel Volume 04

Shame Graphic Novel Volume 03 - Redemption

Shame Graphic Novel Volume 03 – Redemption (Mature Readers)
Writer: Lovern Kindzierski Artist/Cover Artist: John Bolton

In the final book of the Shame trilogy, Virtue is once more a prisoner of her daughter. Her only ally, Merritt, is firmly under Shame’s enchantment, and Slur’s plan to unleash his demon hordes seems certain to be put into action. Can Virtue outwit Shame and save the world from becoming Hell’s plaything?

Skip Beat 3in1 Trade Paperback Vol 10
Steven Universe #8
Stray #2
Super Street Fighter Hard Cover Volume 2 Hyper Fighting
Terra Formars Graphic Novel Volume 05 (Mature Readers)

Uber #23


Uber #23 (Mature Readers) (Variant Covers)
Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Daniel Gete Cover Artist: Michael DiPascale

It’s the battle everyone has been waiting for, Germany’s Sieglinde vs Russia’s Maria as the most powerful women in the World unleash their epic powers in a Battleship vs Battleship ultimate carnage-fest! Kieron Gillen unleashes the thunder as super-humans face-off on a level never before witnessed. Back in Blighty, Stephanie makes an eye-opening discovery. Even in the face of the terrors that are occurring worldwide, there is still hope. But will it be too little too late? Available with Regular, Wraparound, and Blitzkrieg covers by Daniel Gete, a War Crimes by Caanan White and a Propaganda Poster cover by Michael DiPascale.

Unity Trade Paperback Volume 4 The United
Whispered Words Graphic Novel Volume 03
Woods #11
WWE Superstars Ongoing Trade Paperback Volume 3
X-O Manowar #34 (Variant Covers) Jan151502 Xxxholic Omnibus Trade Paperback Volume 5
Yu Gi Oh 5ds Graphic Novel Volume 07
Zombies Vs Cheerleaders 2015 St Pattys Day #1 (Variant Covers)


Comic Shop News #1446
Comics Revue Presents Feb 2015
Heavy Metal #273 (Mature Readers)
Marvel Chess Figure Collection Magazine #24 Ant-Man White Pawn
Marvel Chess Figure Collection Magazine #25 Black Widow White Pawn
Scary Monsters Magazine #96
Tomarts Action Figure Digest #206
Ultimate Spider-Man Magazine #2


Ages Of Avengers (Soft Cover)
Chester Brown Conversations (Soft Cover)
Chicks Dig Gaming Celebration Of All Things Gaming By Women


Comics & Language - Reimagining Critical Discourse On Form


Comics & Language – Reimagining Critical Discourse On Form (Soft Cover)
Writer: Hannah Miodrag

It has become an axiom in comic studies that “comics is a language, not a genre.” But what exactly does that mean, and how is discourse on the form both aided and hindered by thinking of it in linguistic terms? In Comics and Language, Hannah Miodrag challenges many of the key assumptions about the “grammar” and formal characteristics of comics and offers a more nuanced, theoretical framework that she argues will better serve the field by providing a consistent means for communicating critical theory in the scholarship. She exposes the problems embedded in the ways critics have used ideas of language, literature, structuralism, and semiotics, and sets out a new and more theoretically sound way of understanding how comics communicate.

Comics & Narration


Comics & Narration (Soft Cover)
Writer: Thierry Gronesteen

In Thierry Groensteen’s The System of Comics, the comics theorist set out to investigate how the medium functions, introducing the principle of iconic solidarity, and showing the systems that underlie the articulation between panels at three levels: page layout, linear sequence, and nonsequential links woven through the comic book as a whole. He now develops that analysis further, using examples from a very wide range of comics, including the work of American artists such as Chris Ware and Robert Crumb. He tests out his theoretical framework by bringing it up against cases that challenge it, such as abstract comics, digital comics, and shoujo manga.

Companion Piece Women Celebrate Humans Aliens Tin Dogs
Darren Quach Sketchbook Vol 01 Inkworks
Dino Mike & T Rex Attack Yr Mmpb
Dk Adventures –  Avengers Battle Against Ultron (Soft Cover)


Doctor Who Time Trips Anthology


Doctor Who: Time Trips Anthology (Hard Cover, BBC Books)
Writer: Stella Duffy & Various

Time Trips is a unique collection of Doctor Who adventures from bestselling and award-winning writers including Joanne Harris, Trudi Canavan, Nick Harkaway, A.L. Kennedy and more. Taking you from ancient Alexandria to nameless planets in the far future, these tales are at turns funny, frightening, moving and thought-provoking – short stories that are bigger on the inside. Stories include “The Anti-Hero,” a second Doctor story by Stella Duffy; “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller,” a third Doctor story by Joanne Harris; “A Handful of Stardust,” a sixth Doctor story by Jake Arnott; “The Bog Warrior,” a tenth Doctor story by Cecelia Ahern; “Into the Nowhere,” an eleventh Doctor story by Jenny T. Colgan; and more!

Drawing From Life Memory & Subjectivity In Comics Art


Drawing From Life Memory & Subjectivity In Comics Art (Soft Cover)
Drawing from Life: Memory and Subjectivity in Comic Art is a collection of essays about autobiography, semi-autobiography, fictionalized autobiography, memory, and self-narration in sequential art, or comics. Contributors come from a range of academic backgrounds including English, American studies, comparative literature, gender studies, art history, and cultural studies. The book engages with such well-known figures as Art Spiegelman, Marjane Satrapi, and Alison Bechdel; with such cult-status as Martin Vaughn James; and with lesser-known works by such artists as Frédéric Boilet.

Frank Thorne Red Sonja Art Ed Hard Cover Sgn Volume 02
Game Of Thrones Poster Collection Volume 2
Guilty Pleasures Pinups By Keith Garvey (Soft Cover) (Mature Readers)


How To Draw Batman Superman & Other DC Heroes Villains (Soft Cover)


How To Draw Batman Superman & Other DC Heroes Villains (Soft Cover)
Writer: Aaron Sautter Artist: Tim Levins, Eric Doescher Cover Artist: Tim Levins

Few things capture readers’ imaginations like the adventures of their favourite super heroes. From mighty heroes like Superman and Batman to super-villains like Lex Luthor and Joker, fans will learn to draw their favorite characters and learn more about them at the same time. Simple, step-by-step drawing instructions combine with character backgrounds and bonus drawing tips to deliver hours of artistic fun and entertainment. With more than 50 full-color drawing projects to choose from, fans will be busily sketching the time away!

Learn To Draw Archie & Friends


Learn To Draw Archie & Friends
Walter Foster’s Learn to Draw Archie & Friends encompasses all of the well known characters and properties within the nostalgic brand, including

Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie & the Pussycats, as well as Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty, and Veronica. With a section devoted to each property within the franchise, featuring historical anecdotes and facts as well as step-by-step drawing lessons, the adventures of Archie and his gang will continue on the sketchpads of artists everywhere.


Marvel Avengers Ultimate Character Guide Updated & Expanded



Space Helmet For A Cow Mad True Story Of Doctor WhoSpace Helmet For A Cow Mad True Story Of Doctor Who (Soft Cover, Mad Norwegian Press)
Writer: Paul Kirkley
In Space Helmet for a Cow, Paul Kirkley (SFX) provides a sweeping, wry and warm look at the behind-the-scenes story of Doctor Who, not just the greatest TV show ever made, but frequently the most insane TV show ever made. Which other program, for example, would attempt to sink Atlantis, wage inter-planetary war and crash Concorde, all in BBC Television Centre, on a budget that would barely cover a sitcom?

Star Wars Heir To Jedi Hard Cover
Superhero Confidential (Soft Cover) Vol 01
Walking Dead Mmpb Vol 04 Fall Of Governor Pt 2


List compiled via Diamond Previews, publishers and with the help of First Age Comics, 3 Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QD. Open: Tuesday – Friday 10.00am – 4.30pm, Saturday 10.00am – 5.30pm. Find them on Facebook

• First Age Comics also has a shop site on e-Bay:

• The downthetubes map of British Comic Shops

New British Graphic Novels on Sale in March 2015

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