Build Your Own Miniature Hadron Collider!

mhc.jpgWacky comic creator Paul O’Connell is up to more zany antics, this time offering advice on how to join in with Europe’s Mega Science revolution…

Can’t wait to find out what will happen when they finally get the Large Hadron Collider working properly? Well, now you dont have to! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to build your very own Miniature Hadron Collider and in a Flash! you too will be able to enjoy all the thrills and spills of particle science without ever having to leave your armchair… all for just the ridiculously low price of just £1.50!

This sounds like just the kind of title you’d expect to find on sale at Caption next weekend…

Paul O’Connell is a writer and graphic artist whose work has appeared in various international books, magazines and comic collections as well as in his self published comic series ‘The Sound of Drowning’. He’s often seen working with other crazy comic creatives such as Nelson Evergreen, Alex Sheikman, James Corcoran, Leo Hartas, Faz Choudhury and many others.

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