Caught Out By Moon Knight artist Greg Smallwood’s Artistic Genius!

EC Horror: The Thing from Another World homage by Greg Smallwood

EC Comics-styled horror: The Thing from Another World homage by Greg Smallwood

You’d have thought that after seventeen years of editing downthetubes, plus mumble mumble years of working in the comics industry, I’d have learned not to totally rely on web image searches while sourcing artwork for articles by now, in addition to using materials provided by creators and publishers.

While putting together my tribute to the late, great Jack Davis earlier this week, well after midnight, I mistakenly included this Thing From Another World cover – which, as reader JD Hollingsworth pointed out is by brilliant and current Moon Knight artist Greg Smallwood – and it’s a homage to both Jack and film director John Carpenter, not a real EC comic.

Apologies to all concerned – dull witted late night stupidity to blame! But my mistake at least gives me a chance to plug Greg’s work past and present, which, in addition to Moon Knight, includes Dream Thief (for Dark Horse) and some great covers for various US publishers.

Moon Knight #5 is on sale from Marvel next week, and sees Marc Spector come face to face with… Moon Knight?! Who is under the mask?

Marc’s hunt for answers becomes a run for his life  through half-remembered histories. Will he finally confront Seth – god of storms and instigator of New Egypt’s takeover of New York?

Some preview pages below…

• You can find Greg Smallwood online at

Moon Knight #5 is on sale from Wednesday 5th August in all good comic shops

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Moon Knight © Marvel

Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Cover

Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Preview 1

Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Preview 2

Moon-Knight-5-P3Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Preview 3

Moon-Knight-5-P3Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Preview 4

Moon-Knight-5-P3Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Preview 5

Moon-Knight-5-P3Moon Knight #5 (2016) - Preview 6


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