Cinebook releases new Thorgal in English, announces digital titles

Thorgal Volume 15: The Cage

Cinebook, publishers of a wide range of bande dessines in English, have had a bit of a Grzegorz Rosinski special in terms of their recent releases, with two different volumes drawn by the legendary Polish artist coming out at the same time.

Thorgal was first, with The Cage, finally returning home after many adventures – but it’s not that easy when your wife isn’t the meek, stay at home kind… Aaricia is no wallflower, and the happy ending will have to be earned!

In volume two of Lament of the Lost Moors, the first cycle of the adventures of Siobhán comes to a close. And amidst the war and conflict, revelations will be offered that may shake the foundations of her world…

Finally, a Cinebook staple, Lucky Luke is back with another adventure, one that sees the Daltons take an unexpected step towards marital bliss and respectability. Well… That’s the idea anyway – the end result may not be quite so rosy!

XIII Mystery 01: The Mongoose

XIII Mystery 01: The Mongoose

Cinebook has also announced it is launching a number of new series and new titles, making them available in digital format first in partnership with with Izeno. Presumably, the idea is to gauge interest and then look at print editions.

Wisher Volume 1Their digital releases kick off with a bang, too, with a XIII Mystery – the first in a series of one-shot tales each centred on one of the more striking secondary characters of cult series.

Six volumes of these have been published in French. This month it’s deadly, sinister assassin-for-hire The Mongoose. Expect surprises!

Cinebook’s other new series is Wisher. Set in modern day London, it introduces Nigel, a carefree, successful young man with a talent for bringing people what they wish for.

Unfortunately, Nigel will soon find himself involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with some government agents that use… fairies as standard equipment!

Here’s a quick rundown to three recent Cinebook print releases:

Thorgal Volume 15 – The Cage
Authors: Rosinski & Van Hamme



Sample pages from Thorgal: The Cage

Sample pages from Thorgal: The Cage

It is time at last for Thorgal to return to his family. After her rescue by Jolan, however, Aaricia is not staying idle, and she tries to put together a fleet to attack Shaigan’s stronghold – unaware that her husband is no longer the dreaded pirate lord.

By the time the two find themselves on their own island again, Aaricia is disinclined to simply forgive everything, and locks Thorgal up in a cage while she makes up her mind about him.

Lament of the Lost Moors – Blackmore Volume Two
Authors: Rosinski & Dufaux
Lament of the Lost Moors Volume 2
Lament of the Lost Moors Volume 2 Sample Page

Lament of the Lost Moors Volume 2 Sample Page

Lament of the Lost Moors Volume 2

After her mother’s marriage to the mysterious Lord Blackmore, Siobhan, last descendant of the Kings of Sudenne, is now supposed to be safe from the hostility of the sorcerer who rules the country.

Too many mysteries remain, though, and the land itself calls for justice and the Lament of the Lost Moors to be heard. Will the young woman be able to avenge her father and defeat evil – and at what price?

Lucky Luke Volume 45 – Tying the Knot
Authors: Gerra & Achdé
Lucky Luke: Tying the Knot
Urgent message for the Dalton brothers: the president has approved a special measure to combat overpopulation in the country’s prisons. They’re going to be hanged!

Their last hope lies in a little known law that would see them walk free if they were to marry. A frantic Ma Dalton tries to locate brides for her boys, but their reputation precedes them, and the only candidates she eventually locates could well turn out to be a worse choice than the rope?


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