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The team at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast have gone for a bit of a mix tape/ jam style over the past two episodes, the regular team stepping back as Pete Taylor and Mike Williams lead “The Bootleg Boys” with a great mix of reviews and more, with the help of comics writer and podcaster Tony Esmond, Tom Stewart and Fernando Pons from That Comic Smell, plus artist and writer David Robertson and museum curator, artist, cartoonist and zoologist Mike Sedakat.

Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast - Bootleg 1 (Episode 80)

While regular hosts Ian Loxam and Nikki Bates were sorting out ‘real life’ things, Mike and Pete took Episode 80, the first “Bootleg Edition” and continued the Comic Genre World Cup quarter finals, the focus this time out on Post Apocalyptic Comics versus Horror Comics, enlisting the help of international man of mystery Tony Esmond, co-creator and writer of Atomic Hercules.

A comics writer, podcaster and blogger, Tony’s true identity is so secret, we may have to brain wipe you, just because you read this. Or you could simply head over to his forthright blog, Never Iron Anything, or listen to his own Podcast, the Never Iron Anything The Comics Review Show. and risk finding out more. Be warned – he tales no prisoners!

This ironing thing, though, it’s as if he’s building a brand… or displaying a near pathological hatred of irons. Of course, now you know about these things, we will have to brain wipe you. Or he will. (It’s difficult to know who has to brian wipe who these days. I blame Covid-19. Or Conspiracy Theorists. Or Canines. Yes, canines. That will do. Looking at us with those sad eyes, controlling our every move… (That’s quite enough about conspiracy theories – Ed).

Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast - Bootleg 2 (Episode 81)

Episode 82 of the Comic Art Festival Podcast turned into a bit of a juggernaut, with the rest of the That Comic Smell crew brought in to deliver a two-hour long “Bootleg Edition”, reviewing everything from the latest Avery Hill Publishing releases, a Tribute Press title, Russell Mark Olson art books and more… V for Vendetta, Buck Rogers, Firepower – and the team’s personal reads, too.

There is also chat about That Comics Smell’s recent comic anthology announcement and some of the team’s personal projects.

Let’s just hope they kept the studio tidy for Ian and Nikki when they get back soon!

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Regular contributors to the Lakes International Comic Art Festival Podcast include Tom Stewart from That Comic SmellPete Taylor, and Mike Williams

• Episode 82 is brought to you by: Tom Stewart and Fernando Pons @thatcomicsmell, David Robertson of @fredeggcomics and Mike Sedakat

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