Comic Creators early Twitter reaction to the 2016 US Election Result

So, Donald Trump will be the next US President. I think A-Force and Hawkeye comic writer Kelly Thompson pretty much nailed the mood of many comic creators on my Twitter feed this morning with a retweet of a cartoon by David Rowe, posted by Britain’s Political Cartoon Gallery

But here are some other early reactions, first from across the pond…

This RT from Brian Michael Bendis

Cullen Bunn

Mark Waid

Erik Larsen

Artist Jim Steranko, responding to his critics:

Meanwhile, some British creators reacted with a mix of Brexit-inspired reflection and humour…

Beano writer Nigel Aucterlounie

Drunken Bakers writer Barney Farmer posted this item from the artist on the strip, Lee Healey

A RT from Doctor Who: Heralds of Destruction and Superman writer Paul Cornell

I’ll admit I was a bit oblique.

Arcadia and Turncoat writer Alex Paknadel

and this from Rhianna Pratchett

Top animator Peter Lord (and Morph) also pitched in.

But there was a positive vibe from Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman writer Tom Ward

Cartoonists, of course, are having a field day already. This one by Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell has already had many retweets.

Beano cartoonist Steve Beckett

… and the smashing satire magazine Save Our Souls saw opportunity in what others regarded as disaster!

But, for those of you who may be left  reeling by the news overnight, let’s leave this with Warren Ellis, who offered some hope to those perhaps not pleased by the result and the many clearly worried about what might happen over the next four years.

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