ComPalComics celebrates 30 years of auctions with bumper rare art offer, early Commando comics and more

Compalcomics November catalogue – is open for bidding and features a treasure trove of comic art in its British section, including “Charley’s War” by Joe Colquhoun, a large number of “Garth” strips by Frank Bellamy, and a wonderful selection of humour strip art from a variety of publications.

Compalcomics November catalogue 2021 Montage

Commando fans won’t want to pass this auction by, either, as it includes copies of every early issue of the war comic, including the very first issue, “Walk or Die”.

With this November catalogue, Comic Book Auctions Ltd celebrates thirty years in the comics auction business.

“It continues to be a privilege and a pleasure to serve you and we have unearthed some real beauties to offer you in this, our 120th catalogue,” says owner Malcolm Phillips.

Commando Issues 1 - 8

DC Thomson’s Magic Comic values are on the rise and on offer are propaganda war issues 25-80 in a bound volume. Magic ceased publication with No 80 in 1941 due to wartime paper and dyestuff shortages and the later numbers are notoriously hard to find.

Magic Comic (1940-41) 25-80 (final issue)-  Propaganda war issues in bound volume
Magic Comic (1940-41) 25-80 (final issue). Propaganda war issues in bound volume

ComPalComics also offer part one of the Battle Collection from the archive of picture library booklets collected and upgraded over a forty year period by the editor of Achtung Commando. It starts with the first 200 issues of Commando War Stories in Pictures. The first 30 are offered separately and then in small groups up to 200 and this collection is quite simply the highest grade ever to be offered at auction.

It continues with numbers 1-60 of Thriller Comics/Picture Library and a near complete run of the first 60 Combat Picture Libraries. Also included are Boy’s World 1-23 with free gifts and a scarce run of TV Boardman’s hard-boiled crime and detective paperbacks with brilliant art-deco covers by Denis McLaughlin.

Beano complete years of 1950, 1952 and 1957 vie for your attention as do Beezer 1960, 1962 and ’63 full years, all in relatively fresh condition. POW! No 1 is here in impossibly high grade along with its Spider-Matic Gun and all six disc bullets followed by Nos 2 and 3 with their free gifts as well.

After the incredible price of £2200 received for Tiger No 1 in ComPalComics last auction in August they list Tiger publisher’s file copies of January- June 1960 and 1961 half-years, both in bound volumes.

Heros the Spartan original double-page artwork (1965) painted and signed by Frank Bellamy. From the Eagle Vol. 16: No 16 centre spread 1965
Heros the Spartan original double-page artwork (1965) painted and signed by Frank Bellamy. From the Eagle Vol. 16: No 16 centre spread 1965

British artwork is highlighted with A.T. ‘Bertie’ Brown’s Christmas Card paintings, Desperate Dan, Musso and Keyhole Kate strips, a Heros the Spartan double-page board along with six Daily Mirror Garth strips by Frank Bellamy, three consecutive “Charley’s War” pages by Joe Colquhoun, “Strontium Dog” by Carlos Ezquerra and “A Man Called Probe” splash page by Enio, where the Pat Mills story was considered to be too violent for 2000AD at the last minute prior to publication and it was quickly rewritten and retitled “M.A.C.H. 1” with the artwork reconfigured to … erm, mach!

The US section includes some scarce Golden Age #1 issues including Pageant of Comics, Meteor Comics, Adventure into Mystery, Jack the Giant Killer, Purple Claw and Strange Mysteries. The Silver Age presents the usual Marvel suspects Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Fantastic Four and Daredevil with DC’s Batman, Detective, Flash, Green Lantern and Superman with original artwork of Darkstars, Robocop, Vampirella and X-Men.

• The catalogue is open for realtime bidding at | Click here to visit The Saleroom | You can also browse auction lots and print a fax or mail bidding form at Compalcomics – Click here to visit Compalcomics

Postal and fax bids need to be submitted by Friday 19th November and Compalcomics will enter them on your behalf in Auctions website closing on Sunday 21st November from 2.00 pm

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