Crowdfunding Spotlight: “Pilcuyo” by Gustaffo Vargas

There’s still time for you to back the latest science fiction comic from the brilliant Gustaffo Vargas, the Peruvian Cyberpunk saga PILCUYO, on Kickstarter… and if you’re coming late to the party on this incredible-looking series, the previous stories are available as add-ons!

“Pilcuyo” by Gustaffo Vargas

PILCUYO is the third and final issue of the Peruvian Cyberpunk saga Altiplano. It completes the story of Lila, a young woman trapped in a situation that is beyond her limits.

Concurrent with her situation, in the Peruvian highlands, a big army marches to capture a precious fugitive asset, and that is where a monumental clash will take place…

PILCOYU is the brainchild of Gustaffo Vargas, a hugely talented Peruvian comic book author and artist based in UK, who’s been self-publishing his Peruvian Cyberpunk comics since 2017 – PUNO, a 40 page, full colour comic about robots, memories, warfare and sex; MANU, which won “2019 Best UK Independent Comic of the Year”; L1MA, a 32 page, full-colour comic about pirañas, vultures, robots and mafias; and TRUJILLO, a 28 page, full-colour comic about gangsters, shamans, drugs and dogs!

Gustaffo Vargas at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2021
Gustaffo Vargas at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2021
Puno by Gustaffo Vargas – Cover

A member of the SkrawlLordz comic creator collective, he’s also working with Dan Abnett as principal for Crayta season 2 from Unit 2 Games, he has done illustrations for Heavy Rotation by Shelly Bond, and Time Before Time: Process Edition by Declan Shalvey.

He’s also done comics and illustrations for UK independent publishers such as Accent UK, Mad Robot Comics, Cabal Comics and Madius Comics, he has participated in several UK Comic Anthologies, and, in Peru, for Carboncito and In Planet Stereo.

L1MA is a story about Pirañas, vultures, robots and rival gangs, following Lila and her street gang who find a very strange squid. It takes takes place in the same world of Puno

Not only does PILCOYU look as amazing as those that came before it, the campaign offers the chance of getting the full catalogue of the Peruvian Cyberpunk Books: the previous one-shots, TRUJILLO and L1MA, and the Altiplano saga issues MANU, a 44 page, full-colour comic about monkeys, jaguars and cyborgs with a mystery; PUNO and PILCUYO, in physical and digital versions. It also offers original art, comic pages and sketches. The digital editions will be available in English and in Spanish.

Do check the Kickstarter page for this fantastic book, and for stretch goals, that include PinUps from guest artists.

Back PILCUYO Altiplano Volume 3, a 52-page, full colour comic about cyborgs, mercenaries, war and closure, here on Kickstarter

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